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So I just returned from watching it at the cinema. I would just have to say that they did an outstanding job. That movie was badass. Marketing could've been better though (at least in North America). Not enough "hype" about the movie; all there was was just the same trailer and preview for the past 6 months. Honestly had little to expect from the movie.


I was definitely not disappointed with it at all... plus Charlize Theron was more than enough of a reason to watch it :P:wub:



In any case, I would definitely say that it was a good sci-fi summer thriller. Although I wonder if they're planning on revamping the Alien saga at this point. The movie was in the works since 2002 I believe but the producers have been sidetracked by other projects.



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I loved it!!! My boyfriend wanted to see it, i was a little wary because its not my type of thing. But wow i was wrong, i loved it. The story and the special effects were amazing. Love Michael Fassbender too!!!

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Prometheus was DAAANK! The acting was fantastic, the visuals and art direction were mind-blowing, and the story was interesting.


I approve.


I just watched Alien again after seeing Prometheus. Frankly, I don't see the correlation, and I didn't know that Prometheus was a prequel to the Alien series until the end, but It was fantastic anyway.

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EDIT: Vafthrudnir I knew it was the before of alien about a month before it came out but when I first heard of it, it was said that it was about Frankenstein? But then the trailer came out and that's when I found out.


I'd rate this a 3/10.


I didn't want to watch up but so many people who said they didn't want to watch it did and loved it. I watched it and it's one of the worst I've ever seen. It was so darn boring. I knew that it was the making of alien but as they didn't present the original alien until the last second it left a lot unsaid. This for me is the worst of all the Alien films. But not the worst out of all the Alien vs Predators.


Brilliant acting I might add though. NEVER a 15 it barely made a 12A for me. Nothing gruesome happened, I admit her stomach being sliced open whilst awake was a little cringe but that was it!




Is there going to be another film based on Alien after this? Like how the alien re-spawned and made it down to earth, created the queen like in the other old ones? I'm sure it need a human womb to re-spawn, if not how?

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