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New Photo of Emma

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We'll see if it's indeed for The Telegraph or not, hope we'll have HQ-HIRES versions; make-up is lovely, she's lovely, cannot wait!

It's just they really had to photograph that magazine or whatever it is with the IceCream on it pff!


from watson uncensored

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That is simply stunning!!! Gorgeous photo-such a beautiful young woman! :)


I really think it's a photo from VS mag's shoot with Emma and The Telegraph featured it(because it's the same frame as the behind the scenes one).

So wonderful, I hope someone gives us a better photo not one taken with the phone(it come from instagram).

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I especially love the look with the light brown (? yellow ?) skirt. 

I love it too! The skirt is beautiful. 


A new one from today:



I'm in love with this outfit. It's a bit edgy, but still chic. The shoes are just to die for.

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