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Well, here I am. I am back and ready to see what I can do with this forum as far as making it as active as I possibly can. So, since this forum seemed to be dying out, I decided to make a new topic. Post your new schedule for the new school year.

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Well my last semester as an undergrad I've got (in no particular order):


US History

Geology (lab)

Strategic Management

International Marketing

International Strategic Management



The first two apparently are classes I didn't get credit for my freshman year when I submitted the AP scores from high school; the last two are the first two classes into my masters program.



Along with this I'll be bouncing three jobs (not that big a work load because I'm only doing maybe 6-10 hours each) and admin stuff for one of the organizations I'm in.

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My fall schedule is amazing!! My spring semester sucks though (we do full year registration). I don't have many general requirements left which is awesome! My schedule is also only Tuesday's and Thursday's!!! Yay. Also I have less classes because most of our classes are 4 credits, so a full load is sometimes only 3 classes. Also all my studios are 3 hours.



Intro to 3 Dimensional Art and Design (8:00-11:20 AM)

Advance Rastor Image Development (1:00-4:20 PM)

Physics (online)



Advance Vector Image Development (8:00-11:50 AM)

Statistics (1:00-2:50 PM)

Intro to Poetry (4:00-5:50 PM) I am taking this instead of ENG 102 because I got an A on ENG 101 I can take a different ENG, yay!

Intro to Digital Media (6:00-9:50 PM)


I also am on the board for Hillel and AIGA so I have tons to do. Plus a job.

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