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Favorite Movie and Scene

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My very favourite scene is the one with Helena Ravenclaw.


that one was funny I was all like 'wooo she's latin this one'. She sure had some temper.

I cannot decide over one scene. Definitely last two movies are my faves.

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So many different scenes I loved, I can't pick just one >.<

Snape's memories and Nevil's speech at the end from the 8th movie, Hermione casting the obliviate spell at her parents from the 7th movie and the fight between Harry and Voldemort at the graveyard from the 4th movie.

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Well as a R/Hr shipper my all time fav scene (tie) is of course their kiss-the passion, the love, the intensity just perfect kiss as a fan and Ron holding Hermione before Nagini struck-it was that moment that said "we will die together" and just showed how strong and devoted their love is.


Otherwise my fav non R/Hr scene was in DH 2- McGonagall, Neville, and Seamus all walking and them discussing blowing up the bridge-"BOOM!!!!" ;) I love how McGonagall says BOOM...Neville says "Wicked" and Seamus "I can bring it down" and then McGonagall again "that's the spirit, away you go"


There are way too many fav scenes in all the movies but these 2 stick out the most in my mind :)

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My favourite HP movie is POA. My favourite scenes from that movie are the scene where Harry and Hermione are behind the pumpkin patch at Hagrid's Hut and Hermione throws stones into the hut to their past selves to get them to get out of the house before Dumbledore and the others see them. I also like the scene where Hermione and Harry are running away from Lupin who has turned into a werewolf.

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I loved the Deathly Hallows part 1. It was exactly how I imagined when I was reading the book, man! I remember just being shocked at how this would be possible  :ohyeah: And Harry and Hermoine's little dance in the Nick Cave song was beyond amazing. It was so real. You feel bad for Rupe but at the same time you know how good friends those two are and what kind of a situation they're going through. Oh my lord!!! I just wanna watch it over and over again....

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