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How to successfully upload gifs and images onto a forum post

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Hi, i was just wondering if anyone could explain to me how to add a gif to a forum post (or make a gif my avatar) that i've found for example on tumblr? i have tried several times and it hasn't worked :( also, if you could tell me how to upload images as well i would be hugely grateful. :) Thanks for your help.

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Most of us use image hosting websites like Tinypic or Photobucket. I find it's better to re-upload an image because people can delete the originals on their website so they won't show in your posts anymore.


Save your image or GIF from Tumblr to your computer. Once you have chosen a hosting website, click the Browse button to find your image/GIF and then click Upload. A few links should appear, the one you need will look like this:




Copy and paste the full link into a new post, you can preview your post first if you want to make sure that it is working properly (next to "Add Reply.")


You can use the same link for your avatar, but delete the codes on both sides. If your new avatar doesn't show straight away try refreshing the page a couple of times.


The file you have been trying to use as your avatar may be over the size limit. Avatars should be under 150 KB and should be no larger than 150 by 150 pixels.

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