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Monsanto, ConAgra, Dow and hundreds of other huge bio-corporations, do not want you to know that you're buying/consuming

GMO's - (Genetically Modified Organisms). Odds are the foods you're eating today, are GMO seeds, treated with pesticides,

and chemicals. The latest chemical Monsanto/Dow want to unleash on us is agent orange!! So the same company-Monsanto, that made agent orange, wants to use this as a pesticide for our food supply???!!! SICK!!


Another weird thing about GMO's, is that several US farmers have been complaining about the corn shucks being so sharp-like

spears, that its puncturing their tractor tires!! One farmer said it costs him about $30,000 to replace his tires--now that's just plain sick.


These mega-corporations are fighting Proposition 37 in California, and are donating millions of dollars, to spread their lies and deceit, saying that food will be more expensive. GMO's are labeled all over the world--EXCEPT the US!! Over 91% of Americans want their food labeled, and want to know what they're buying. If GMO's are so good and safe, why don't they want to label their foods? Wouldn't companies be proud of their products, and want people to know what the ingredients are in their products? Besides, these same companies are always changing their labeling--have you seen NEW and IMPROVED, and different flavors?? It's not going to cost them anymore to add GMO than what they routinely add/change to their labels.


A former CEO of a subsidiary seed company of Monsanto said, "You can label GMO's with a skull/crossbones"!!


Organic companies have to jump through hoops, to have their foods certified. You know exactly what you're buying when you

buy organic.


If you know anybody that lives in CA, please talk to them about this and advise them to vote YES on Proposition 37. Usually whatever passes in CA, trends to the rest of the country.


As you can see, there is going to be worldwide actions the week of Sept 17. If something is going on in your country/state/town, you might want to check it out.


It's time for the US to return to the old ways of farming---sustainable, organic, healthy.

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It's time for the US to return to the old ways of farming---sustainable, organic, healthy.


The old ways of farming will not sustain life on this planet as it did before. Remember that at the turn of the 19th century the world population only just broke 1 billion, and only after 200 years we're up to 7. Depending on the country, farmers still need to make money. Winters do loads of damage to farmers' yields and demand for crops only rise during the winter months and well into spring. Without the crop to deliver, the farmers lose money and people go hungry. Genetic enhancements to the plants are done in order to increase volume and survivability.


One example I will use is rice. Rice can quite literally feed the world, and is profitable. This example I will put forth two species of rice. One of which creates a pretty decent yield and tastes good, but is vulnerable to flooding and drowns easily. The second species tastes dry and bland but resists drowning when there's a flood during the monsoon seasons; this species doesn't create as much yield as the first species but can last much, much longer. Bioengineers isolate the gene that makes this second species resistant to drowning and then insert that gene into the first species. Rice farmers can use this 'new' species to grow healthy rice year round.





Honestly, I will be biased on this as I can care less about organic food. If it has calories and nutrients in it, then I will eat it. I've tried organic food and am not impressed for the price I'm paying. Plus even the 'non-organic' food I eat are locally grown by independent farmers.


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My link


My link


Sustainable farming can work because it's not contaminating the soil, air, water, and the farmer's health.


It takes 7 years to clean the soil from the pesticides, chemicals, toxins that these GMO seeds are causing.


Without the crop to deliver, the farmers lose money and people go hungry. Genetic enhancements to the plants are done in order to increase volume and survivability.


Ask the people from Africa and India about the GMO seeds, and what it has done to their soil, water, and farmers. Many are

dying from the chemicals/toxins that are in these GMO seeds. Many farmers in India have committed suicide because they can no

longer maintain a livelihood, as their soil and water is contaminated and useless.


Bill Gates is spear-heading this endeavor, and is working with Monsanto/Dow in spreading these "seeds of deception". My link


That is why these evil corporations don't want to label their foods:


"If you put a label on genetically engineered food you might as well put a skull and crossbones on it." - Norman Braksick, president of Asgrow Seed Co., a subsidiary of Monsanto, quoted in the Kansas City Star, March 7, 1994


If we treat mother earth with the care, love and respect she deserves, she will provide for all.

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Such a bloody shit. Menkind should learn to stop fighting the nature and accept her like she is. We are not in old Greece were the natur was a beast you have to slain like Hercules. We war in the 21th century we should know better. 


One interesting information. I have heard, i don´t know were i think it was arte, that in Firms were they produce this change food , the employments just gets bio products. They don´t trust there one Product, shouldn´t that mean something?^

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Yes, that's correct. The execs/employees of Monsanto only eat organics. It's better to poison the "little people" and make themselves rich!!


The elitists have a "doomsday seed bank vault" in the fjords of Norway. They're hoarding all the organic seeds for themselves---ordinary "Joe" be damned!!! :tongue0020:

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As a supporter of the recycling and organic industry, I am disgusted by this. I was reading up more on Monsanto and they make me sick...Martina McBride even tweeted about it along with Better Midler. We are hurting our earth big time, whether it be through lack of recycling or growing foods with pesticides. Maybe there truly is something to be said for the diseases we see more of these days with the food and the way it is handled. I think Monsanto should be more than ashamed of themselves as well as our govt here in the states.

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There is no actual legitimate evidence that GMOs are dangerous to the planet, or to humans. Admittedly, there's no evidence on the contrary either, but you guys are going to have to accept that more food is needed. The world's population is over 7.1 billion. You try sustaining that amount of people with traditional farming methods. It doesn't work. GMOs are the foods of the future, you will have to accept them into your daily diet sooner or later. 


And no, Monsanto etc are not "evil corporations" and the government isn't going for the $$$$, the government is being sensible and rational, thinking about how GMOs can sustain the economy, and help produce more crop. 


GMOs are happening. Live with it.

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Ummmm...yes there is actual legitimate evidence that GMO's are dangerous to the planet/humans. It destroys the soil

so nothing else will grow, needs pesticides--can you say Roundup and now they want to use Agent Orange (the same

chemical that was sprayed in the jungles of Viet Nam, causing millions of troops/civilians sickness/death). Ask any 

Viet Nam vet what they think of Agent Orange!!! We now have SUPERWEEDS, that are resistant to Roundup, which is

causing farmers all over the country to develop cancers---one in particular is prostate.


Monsanto IS the government now, so of course its all about $$$$$. If GMO's are so great, why don't they want to label it??

They keep meeting with the Grocer's Mfg Assoc--GMA/big food co and politicians, trying to figure out how to circumvent labeling.

What they're trying to do now is water down the USDA ORGANIC label, so they can mix their GMO's in with Organics, thus

putting the USDA Organic label on their crap. There is a third party organic verification label and its showing up in lots of stores.


As I stated earlier, the former CEO of Monsanto said the only way to label GMO's is with a skull/crossbones. 


Several of the Monsanto employees said that organic food is the ONLY food served in their cafeterias. Ummmm...wonder why??


Also, let's see an independent study on GMO's that will be monitored all day/every day for 1 yr:

Have 1 group of Monsanto employees eat nothing but GMO's--must be all foods.

The other group eat nothing but organics--must be all foods.

All vital stats:blood pressure, sugar etc will be evaluated prior to/during/after the study. 


Let's see what group is still healthy/alive after 1 yr!!! DeltaFoxtrotLima--you might want to sign

up for this study so you can prove your theory. Good Luck.

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I just think there is a reason why there is so much cancer today especially in younger people. I mean friends of mine got cancer when they were 21. They took care of themselves and ate right things-in the 2000's there was not much about the organic...even I used to poo poo it...but now I don't...I think there is something to be said for the organic foods and eating foods not having GMO's...I can't prove anything myself but I wouldn't eat anything with GMO's and hope I am not eating things with GMO's (just not being told as of yet).

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