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So I decided to draw Emma for some practice in digital art. I used a reference image because I wasn't going for originality, I was more enhancing my skills with texture and stuff.


It's not finished (clearly :P) but I thought if I was gonna post it anywhere it may as well be here.


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Yeah I plan on updating it whenever I make a decent amount of progress. That picture's actually from a couple days ago but I've got lots of college work to do so I've been rather busy.


And it was done on GIMP because it's easy to use, I'm too cheap for Photoshop (and too lazy to illegaly download) and I like the UI.

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Thanks a lot, everyone! Nice to know I'm doing something right. I'm definitely looking to improve my skills and maybe come up with some original drawings, instead of just reference/recreating.


Still though, thanks again. :D

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