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How can I become friends with her?

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People with imagination have an idea


Join together to make a gift to their idol


Before something is done, they are asking if the gift is accepted by said Idol


Upon approval, a appointment will be arranged


People with imagination travel to London


Buying ingredients


Baking a cake in a kitchen of a friend


Driving to agreed meeting point


spending 20 unforgettable minutes with their ​​idol


Having an unforgettable memory


Laughing about those who have not believed them.

come on believer, ask Jo. I can imagine the answer and if she is clever(im sure she is) she never let Emma approach you in 5 km. I hope Jo never tell to Emma nothing about you or the creepy thing you do  :happydance:  :excited:  :rofl:  :king:

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welp, lack of affordable resurrection makes me much less adventurous.


btw, how will we make our idol agree to meeting with us?


You say it right, Sacred, with US. It should be a group of 10-15 people, so no one (even our small-minded spanish friend) can have the imagination, that it is Jonny Carinthia alone who is planning such a thing. Of course Emma would never meet one fan alone without a reasonable background-story. But before anything "official" can be done, the group of fans must be found and presented.How to approach her, well, this is another question. You suggested to ask Jo (good idea), but Jonny is working on other ideas, too. I worked with a certain guy during my time at the bank, and this guy is now a very big player in the New York music-scene. I sent him a e-mail the other day. Let's see, what he will answer.

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Am I the only one here who actually lives relatively close to her?


Ok I just noticed how this may work,


We come together to make the cake, we realise that we are nothing like we imagined and we all hate each other.

Make a half-assed cake that tastes like Hulk Hogans armpit hair.

Emma obliges, meets all 20 of us.

We meet, everyone is too beta to say anything, so we watch her eat the hulk hogan armpit hair cake in silence.

She looks hilariously uncomfortable.

Somebody films this, puts it on YouTube.

We get universally hated.

She feels slightly queasy, decides to press charges.

We get imprisoned.

Once again we get one banged and shanked like there's no tomorrow.


Go to heaven

At the pearly gates

No entry


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Why would you eat liver anyway?




i don't....i have a lifetime gag-reflex to it because my Mom made us eat that sh*t when we were growing up. later, when i was about 10 i think, my parents got us (two brothers and a sister) a cat, he loved the hell out of some liver, and we would pretend to eat it at the table, but actually drop it on the floor under the table, and dang if Mr. Whiskers didn't wolf it all down!!! sometimes, we would sneak in the kitchen at night, and feed the raw liver from the fridge, straight to that darn cat. i think he preferred it raw, to the nasty cooked crap.

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There will be no liver in this pie unless Emma demands it. OTOH a pie full of liver and red wine would be a very French thing to do. Vaguely reminds me of that one time where I threw up.

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Why is a cake that bad or a baguette. Its something to eat. If she thinks it is poisoned one of us could eat the first bite.

It´s not like we wanted her some ill. And i think Kill jong ill is better protected than her.


And Emma_rules gave me another idea, hasen´t she a cat? If she not want it, maybe the cat will eat it.

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No, just a thought.


Then the cake would not be baked for nothing. We could fed it to Emma, because the cat would be hers.


But i see, you don´t get the hint, so forget it.

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