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no offense but for me the only one good picture. with an idea! with good one btw :P

Mmm well there's nothing like that to photograph through in my city. Even this was out of my city. And it gets a bit tiresome when you've done the majority of your city (and your country is absolutely tiny) and only travel once a year :P I'm so bored of photographing in my city alone so that is probably why my most recent ones aren't great >.>

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Here's my almost-nieces, if my sister gets married :P Sorry the pictures are big, I thought photobucket made them a bit smaller.







I'm actually surprised they stayed still today and posed for photos! <3

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xD Oops, triple posting (mods shortened our editing time again? :o) but I think the older one would make an amazing Hermione :D She's very, very smart, and (their mum straightened their hair today) but the oldest one's hair is usually extremely bushy!

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Well I went to Queenstown, South Island - where Lord of the Rings was filmed. I don't know why my pictures have been so pixaly lately >.< Must have my camera on the wrong setting :P Anddd I really hoped the ocean would be still like in so many photos I've seen of Queenstown. But it was always the opposite! Had a nice time though ^_^











(Buckbeak much?!)

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