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What Books Did You Get?

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I was given the Complete Stories of Sherlock Holmes in English by my mom! I was so happy when I saw it! :D 1,408 pages are waiting for me to read them. Also my brother bought the Silmarillion for me. I've read it loads of times but I never owned it. I also bought myself Stephen King's Pet sematary and Agatha Christie's Nemean Lion.


I bought Lindsey Clark's The return from Troy for my brother, but I'm gonna read it as well once he's over with it! c:

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Did any of you guys get any books for christmas?

i got 2, sadly.

looking for alaska by John Green and speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

Awesome book!


I got The Hobbit and Kris Jenner...and all things Kardashian.


I was hoping to get Warm Bodies, but they don't have them in stores here yet, so off to order it online myself :)

Another Awesome book.


I just had a LOAD of manga this year and another LOTR set as I collect them. :D

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Well they weren't for Christmas but for Hanukkah. Still counts, right? :P


I have an obsession with art books and artist books since I am an Art major. So I got a few of my favorite artists. Also some art books which were recorded by my teacher.


Besides those I got Reched (final book on the matched trilogy) and finished it within like 2 days lol.

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Of course it counts! I always buy gifts for myself, haha.


quite a few music cd's too, ella fitzgerald 2 in 1 songbook, beyonce and brandy I just got them today, not too late for me.

I can't help myself, I love treating myself hehe.

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