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I can’t pretend that everything will ever be okay. Even though nothing has happened since Catherine’s attack. I know he will come back and I will be waiting, I need to stay strong even when things begin to fall apart I have to. It’s been a year now since I last saw him, saying his name brings back all that he did to us and what we lost. Gale looked up from her diary and signed as she closed it, she was where she always was when she wrote, high on top of a tree. She looked down before she jumped, landing on her feet perfectly. Gale took on last look at the sun before she turned to walk home, trying to think of happy thoughts so David doesn’t see her and get worried like he always does.

Gale had a much stronger hold on her powers, better than what it was months ago, practice till you are perfect, right?! But because of Ken’s age it does make him stronger and that’s the problem, the four are only a year old and the odds are not in their favour. This is one fight that seems to have one clear winner so to speak.


David was reading a book when Gale walked in,

“ so what’s with writing on top of a tree Gale when you have a room for privacy?†he asked her.

Gale smiled as she closed the door behind her, “I don’t know I just like it up there that all.â€

“Write about me in there†he asked smiling

“Maybe†Gale giggled as she disappeared upstairs to keep the book and then came down, she sat next to him and smiled, “I just write what’s on my mind that’s all.†She looked around, “Where are the other two?â€

“Out shopping.. Catherine saw this dress in the mall and came running in to tell and Jack took her to get it†David said putting the book aside.

“That sweet.. Jack is such an angel, always giving Catherine whatever her heart desires†Gale smiled.

“You never asked for anything?†David said leaning in closer.

Gale leaned in towards him, “That’s course I have all I need right..†she pointed to his chest, “Hereâ€

David smiled and took her Hand but froze, “I smell smoke†he looked around and saw the smoke was coming from the kitchen, “I will be right back†he said and walked towards the kitchen but before he reached there, the kitchen blow up throwing him backwards in the hall.

“DAVID†Gale yelled running towards her, she looked up and through the smoke she saw tow figures, no three coming towards them, “Oh no we have company†she stood up and so did David.

“Ready†He said looking at her for a second and the air in the room increase. Gale was about to use her powers but was thrown off her feet by a gush of water that was sent by one of the vampires, who then walked towards her. His fangs were out and his eyes a ocean blue, he smiled at her before growling and speeding towards her. Gale stopped him and they started to claw and hiss at each other, Gale pushed him toward the wall but before she made her next move he made his move and boxed her over and over until Gale finally used her powers, the ground under the male vampire shook and shot up in the air throwing the vampire off her. She got to her feet and noticed that David was in a fix with one vampire that had fire power and another with earth like her and they were trying to trap and suffocate David, she looked at the vampire that had attacked her who now was on his feet. She concentrated on the ground causing the whole floor to shake, she made to pull apart at where the two and the other one were. At this the three vampire whole didn’t make a run for it in time fell through it and then she closed it,

“Ah well er that should hold them till the other two show up...right?!†she said looking at David.

David looked at her and nodded, “Not such, get ready to bite and rip†he said taking his stand. Gale went and stood in the corner of the spot where the vampire that attacked her was. And as David thought so one came barrowing out and as she did David jumped her and bit into her neck and literally biting her head off her and with no hesitation he did the same for the other, while Gale followed David’s led and did the same for the other one,

“Okay that was ....interesting†Gale said spitting at the ground, “That is grossâ€

David smiled and shook his head.

“OH MY GOSH!!!†Catherine yelled as the bags dropped from her hand.

“Er.. I thought you said dress David..not dresses†Gale said staring with wide eyes at the bags.

“What happened here?†Jack asked as he came in and looked around.

“Well we were attacked by-“ David looked behind him and pointed out with a wave of his hand, “Well three vampiresâ€

“Yeah...I killed my first vampire..†Gale said

“How was it!†Catherine asked coming up to her.

“Gross.. I need to wash my mouth later†Gale said sticking her tongue out.

“By the way.. I didn’t just shop for me but for you two too†Catherine said.

Gale smiled and turned to face the bodies, “So can we like get rid of these pleaseâ€

David nodded and looked at Jack who came along with him and took the bodies out of the house and burnt it.


“Well we have no Kitchen and half the hall is in a mess†Catherine said looking around, “ well I think we should get to cleaning thenâ€

“I agree†Gale said.

The two girls speeded through the hall cleaning all the mess that was there, soon the boys came in and helped. The hall was okay but the Kitchen still had lots of work to be done.


The next day the four went out for hunting, they all knew who was behind the attack, no surprise there,

“He wont stop Gale till he get what he wants.. either that is you or us all dead for coming in his way†Catherine said washed up as she was done hunting.

Gale was sitting next to a tree and throwing rocks in the water, “I don’t get it.. why me..caan’t he just find someone else and leave me aloneâ€

“He is sick Gale..very sick†Catherine said sitting next to her, “I just hope no more of his friends come looking for usâ€

“ Aww too bad.. cause I found you†Vivian said smiling as she walked towards the girls, she looked at Gale, “you must me the girl that Ken has his sights on.

“Who are you†Gale hissed as she stood up and stared at her.

“I’m Vivian, a friend of Ken...a very old friend and I have a message. If you want to see you lover boy in one piece come to Ken quietly or lover boy dies†She smiled and turned to walk away.

Gale looked around and started to look for David, “DAVID...DAVID†she cried out.

On hearing her voice David and Jack rushed towards her, Gale stopped in front of them and looked at David, “ are you okay?†she asked examining him.

“Yes Gale I’m fine†David said looking down at her, “What wrong?â€

Catherine spoke, “This vampire... Vivian her name was, said she is a friend of Ken and Had a messageâ€

“She said if I didn’t come quietly to Ken , he would kill you†Gale cried out and hugged him and he hugged her,

“It’s okay..I’m okay†he pulled away and looked at her, “Nothing will happen I promise.â€

“This means War†Jack said punching the tree next to him, “First the attack you guys in the house and now he sends his friend to threaten us..they are asking for it..no one tries and hurt my palâ€

“Easy now.. we are less in number remember?†David said looking at Jack who was behind him, “It is war but we will have to be smart about it, okayâ€

“Okay†Jack said nodding.

Catherine nodded and walked to Jack and wrapped her arms around him, “I don’t know anything about fight†she said frowning.

“Don’t worry we will learn†Jack said kissing her on the head.

They knew that this fight will not be easy and may not go their way but they also knew that Ken won’t stop either.


This Means War.

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edit : She concentrated on the ground causing the whole floor to shake, she made the ground to pull apart at where the two and the other one were. At this the three vampire who didn’t make a run for it in time fell through it and then she closed it,


David looked at her and nodded, “Not for long, get ready to bite and ripâ€


“He wont stop Gale till he get what he wants..that is you or us all dead for coming in his way†Catherine said washed up as she was done hunting.


If you want to see your lover boy in one piece come to Ken quietly or lover boy dies


“First they attack you guys


sorry for the silly mistakes :/

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a short chapter but I hope you like it :)




We are bullet proof and nothing can break us, expect our own kind of course. The four were in the forest discussing on how will they get rid of Ken and if they can ever find other vampires to help them. After looking around for other vampire for about a week... nothing, so they started to think about asking their mortal enemies...werewolves which was risky without getting killed. They were ready to give up and turned to head home, they were now walking down the street when they saw a male vampire walking towards them, for the first time they saw a vampire another than the ones Ken sent to kill them. He had smiled at them as he passed them, Jack stopped short and turned,

“Excuse me†he said

The male vampire turned and looked at him, “Yes can I help you?†he asked

“Er.. you are not created by ken or something are you†Jack asked to be sure.

“Who?.. no no†he said shaking his head, “I was turned by-“

“Me†A female vampire said who arrived and stood next to the male vampire, “But why do you ask?â€

Jack looked at the others and turned back to the two vampires, “This might sound odd... but we have this vampire.. who is one of the reasons we all are vampires and he is trying to take my friend here Gale out of her own freewillâ€

“He is insane†Catherine added rolling her eyes, “He got all crazy when Gale rejected him after she found out he was a vampire.. destroyed our school, kill our friends and family...we were the only ones who got bitten but weren’t killedâ€

“I see... after all this he is still ruining your life†the female vampire said, “Im Ella by the way and this is Mikeâ€

“The point is we were wondering if you can help us†Gale spoke as she stepped forward, “See we don’t know any other vampire and we don’t really know what to do... we haven’t been vampires for a long time, just a year you see and he is way older to us and he has loads of vampires on his sideâ€

“That is a problem†Mike said and looked at Ella, “They look like they are in a lot of trouble wouldn’t hurt to help these kids out would it?â€

“I don’t think so.. I feel sorry for you four, having your lives taken from you by some love sick crazy vampire†Ella said.

“More like love sick insane†Catherine correct shaking her head.

Ella took out a note book from her pocket and noted her number, “Call me whenever you need us and we will be there okay.. and don’t worry I have friends that might be willing to help out..â€

“Not all us vampire are insane and cold heart... I was turned cause I wanted to be with Ella forever...it was out of love†Mike smiled.

“Thank you... we thought we will never find vampires that didn’t want to kill us†David said smiling.

“Oh I came cross those types a lot†Ella laughed as she and mike turned to walk away, “See you soonâ€

“See you†Catherine said waving her hands, “They seemed nice... I do hope they don’t know Ken and that friend of hisâ€

“Damn should have asked Ella if she knew†Jack said and ran to the direction to where they walked off. Minutes later he came back, “Well she said they name is familiar but she doesn’t know him personally.â€

“Oh good†David said and smiled, “Well maybe things can work out for us after allâ€

“I do hope they do†Gale said smiling a little.





Ella has been nice enough to teach Gale, David, Catherine and Jack how to use their powers to the fullest, she knew more than them about their own powers. Ella and David shared the same powers and she was pretty strong compared to David. It’s been over a two week and she thought them everything she knew. Ella introduced them to three more vampires names Tony, Bonnie and Valery. They weren’t much all together but it was enough to take Ken down once of for all.


“I can’t thank you enough Ella†Gale said as they were now resting for a while, “I don’t really know how we could have done this without your help.. this year has been horrible for usâ€

“I can understand dear.. it will okay once he is out of the way†Ella said smiling.

“I know how it is... I seen all kinds of crazy†Valery said as she walked towards them, “After a century or two this will feel like nothing to youâ€

Gale smiled at the two girls and looked at David who was looking at her and smiling.

“Cute one you have there†Valery said smiling and laughing, “You are luckyâ€


For sure they knew now that they do have a chance to win this fight and that their cry for help has finally been heard but the question is, will they truly win this fight?

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You was right with the grammar. I like this chapter though and the length of it is actually good!


Catherine and Bonnie? Were those names inspired by Vampire Diaries?

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nah catherine is one of the names i used once before..a long back. But Bonnie was kinda... i was trying to think but that was the only name that came. And thanks hun :) no matter how much i try and i always make a grammer mistake..i never was good at it :P

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after a long gap and after getting my muse back, a update :)


made by Ellen


When I think back to the first time I saw Ken, I remember how I fell so hard for him at first sight. I really..really was in love with him. When I found out he was a vampire it scared me but I never rejected him as he seems to think I did, I was human, it’s natural to fear what you don’t know. As human you are pretty much powerless to a vampire and that’s how I felt. If he gave me time I would learn to expect who he was. But he took everything away from me, he is selfish, a killer. My love for him was dead cause he betrayed me, hurt me like no has ever before.


Ken hasn’t yet attacked but we are always on alert. We still are in touch with Ella and Mike and their friends and meet every now and then. I know the time will soon come when im face to face with the one man that killed me twice, first by stealing my breath away and second by taking my life from me. How can someone who you gave your heart and soul to be so cruel? how can love hurt you that much? I was still processing what I saw, still trying to understand how vampire exist but he left and never came back for two months, how could I have any of my questions answered? How am I to be blamed for not knowing? So many question that I never got the answer to and I’m the one who he say rejected him, when he never gave me a chance at all and made all the decision instead. That’s when I realised that Ken and I were never meant to be, it has always been David. He was my soul mate, my friend and my life. And as long as I have him death can’t touch me, so to speak.


Sitting and waiting, wondering when that time would come when I had to face my ex was torture and I couldn’t take it. But we had to live our lives too cause we never got a chance too. Why should we waste our time on wondering when we die? We should enjoy what we have instead. I spend a lot of time with David, Jack and Catherine, some time even with our new friends. I haven’t seen or heard from Ken or his friend Vivian in over two week, did they give up or waiting for a surprise attack. When will Ken come to realise that you can’t just take love, you have to earn it.





I do really love her I know I do. Gale was special, in my eyes she was what I would picture heaven would be like. Did I over react when she ran from me? No one has ever fear me the way she did. I mean humans found me irresistible, like they find every vampire and yet watching her run from me hurt more than I expected it to. I never was so angry in my entire existence than I was when she ran away. I wanted to stay and give her a chance but the fear in her eyes haunted me, I thought she loved me but then why did she have to fear me, I would have never dreamed of hurting her and still would never hurt her but doesn’t mean I wouldn’t hurt anyone that keeps me away from her, that being David. How dare he take my love from me, that pile of worthless crap. He doesn’t even stand a chance against me, what does Gale see in him I will never get it. I can give her the world and he can’t even afford it and yet she seems to have forgotten her love for me and given her heart to this man, the thorn in my way, the only thing that is keeping me from what I want and I always got what I wanted, always.


I was not going to give up, being a vampire is such a bore when you don’t have someone to share that with, sure I had Vivian but my relationship with her was very different, it wasn’t love. I was never the good guy but I was bad not worst like it seemed now. Love can do things to you and sometimes you can’t take the past away. I just broken and angry, so I took matters into my own hands, something when you want something you have to take it. And no matter who comes in my way, I will destroy him or her.


Vivian and I spend a lot of time talking about what we can do to help in each others situations, how we can help each other. She was willing to do anything for me and I was willing to do anything for her. We weren’t soul mates in that sense but we understood each other. Vivian knew much more than I do and she had one wicked mind that I very much admired, she was one tricky vampire and I’m lucky to have her as a friend.


I had many girls come and go, still getting over this one girl is the hardest of them all. I never felt so powerless in my life and that’s what makes me so angry, that she made me so weak cause all I want is her and I’m turning into this wrecked beast. And when I look into her eyes, the anger is gone and I long for her to look at me the way she used to with pure love. No one has looked at me in centuries like the way she did and she could have told me to do anything and I would have done it. In all honesty I was in love too but now I’m selfish and mean..more importantly I don’t give a damn about anyone or anything but getting her.





And you held it all but you were careless to let it fall, you held it all and I was by your side, powerless...I watched you fall apart and chased you to the end, I’m left with emptiness that words cannot defend. You’ll never know what I became because of you. Ten thousand promises, ten thousand ways to lose.

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made by Ellen


The moment I was waiting for finally has arrived, time for some sweet and well deserved revenge. Ken and I have made our way out of town, where we were heading wasn't any town or city but deep in a remote village that was taken over by the vampires that took everything from me, their leader is called William and he had about eight to nine vampires in his clan. Ken had brought about five vampires with him and we are going to heat things up. Even though I knew I was finally going to get what I wanted, it didn't change anything cause I wasn't going to get him back but at least this feeling I have inside me, the feeling that I haven’t done anything will be gone.


Getting to where we need to be will take time, even being vampires it will take us at least twenty four hours, seeing that it is half way across the world in the middle of nowhere. The other vampires went to recharge, while me and Ken where up on a tree talking about how we will attack,

“I’m kind of nervous about this†I confused to Ken looking sideways at his now confused but amused face, “What’s that look for?â€

“You and nervous, Vi you are the strongest and most powerful vampire that I know and I’m by your side all the way through, I have you back†Ken smiled.

It was all I needed, the one person I knew that I could count on was Ken, sure he has a temper and can be all evil ha-ha but that’s what I love about him. He was just like me, he knew what he wanted and he won’t stop till he gets it.

“Are you not hungry†I asked Ken

“No I’m good, what about you?†he asked me with that adorable grin on his face.

“Stop it with that naughty grin of your and no we are not doing itâ€

“Oh come on how do you know what I was thinking†Ken said jumping down, “Plus it will be fun, bunch of girls screaming, half naked†he laughed.

I shook my head as I jumped down and landing perfectly on the ground, “Ken that was ages ago where I helped to get chicks...ha-ha how can you think about that at a time like this†I couldn't help but remember when we kidnapped poor helpless girls and Ken would chase them around, bite them, fool around with them and watch them run half naked for their life before we killed them. Those were some crazy times and then sometimes it was guys and sometimes it was both. I shook the thoughts away,

“Not now love ha-ha but rain check†I winked at him.

Ken smiled back and walked with me while we waited for the others.


Night fall and we are half way to where we need to be. I was totally freaked out and scared of what the outcome would be, my mind drifted to the day when Leo and I were talking about our future, the day we died, ‘I wore my favorite dress that day, it was a read lace one and inside it was lined with black, it had layers and edges with golden borders. I wore my hair up and let some curls fall. I always liked to dress pretty for my Leo and he liked it. We were walking in town just looking around and talking about our future. We were only a month engaged and didn't want to rush to the wedding. I even dreamed what my wedding dress would look like. White of course, off shoulder corset top with a skirt that was made of silk and had a lace flowing behind me. It was going to be a small but beautiful wedding with my family and his, and friends of course. My life was perfect and I was so happy but something dark and evil set eyes on my perfect life. Leo and I had walked out of town into the meadow, it was a beautiful sunny day and everything looked heavenly. As we walked I noticed that we were the only people around, I had no problem with it but then I noticed some movement but I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me so I ignored it... that’s when the earth started to shake, it shook so badly that it separated me and Leo, I was on one side of the cracked earth and Leo on the other. I called for his name as I stood up and I saw a woman standing in front me, she smiled at me, her eyes were what shocked me. It wasn't normal at all and I looked beyond her and saw Leo and there were two men in front of him and before I could react I heard Leo scream in pain, “LEO†I screamed, my mouth opened in horror, my body frozen at the sight my love being mauled like some animal being eaten by a lion...the blood..The blood. My Leo was gone, my perfect life shattered in front of me... my eyes went blank I didn't even noticed the arm coming around me and hands moving my hair, “don’t be afraid†was the last words I remember before my time as a human ended. When I woke up, I thought I was in heaven or...was I even dead cause everything was the same, the sun...the meadow and even the crack in the earth caused by the earth quake. I stood up and there he was, so still. I ran towards him and fell to my knee, “Leo wake up WAKE UP†I cried and threw myself onto him, it was only then the burning sensation reached my throat, and I lifted my head and smelled my hands, the blood smelled so...good. “NO NO†I scream and jumped to my feet, I was crying and looked at myself, “What’s happening to meâ€. I turned and ran to the river; I couldn't go home with the way I looked. I bent down and saw my reflection. For a moment I noticed a change in my eyes, a tint of orange in my blue eyes, I was stunned. I cupped my hands to take water and my hands steamed up. I jumped and looked at my hands, the water evaporated away and suddenly my hands were on fire. I know I was burning with anger but this was crazy, I shook my hands to put the fire out and finally just dipped my hands in the water. The fire was out and I tried to calm down, after I was calm I turned to go back to Leo, when I reached there, people had already found him. I knew I could no longer be here and I had to leave.’ And since then I have been running, hiding and moving around. Waiting for the moment I will get my revenge on the vampires that did this to me and Leo.


We were here, at the distance there was a clearing and there in the middle was the village and the inhabitants. I turned and looked at Ken,

“Let split up so they don’t know how many of us are thereâ€

“Is that wish?†Ken asked.

“Surprise attack Ken, it’s our best bet to win right now, you take two of your men and go to the left, I will confront themâ€

“Vi but what if they attack you?â€

“I can take care of myself Ken, relax beside if I’m in trouble you can come and help right?â€

“Yeah I guess you are rightâ€

I turn and walked down the path while Ken and his men split up in teams. As long as William and his men didn't know how many were there with me the better chance we have in killing him cause if he did then he will kill us all at one go. I entered the clearing and the moment I did all eyes were on me, I recognized some of the faces but some were new to me. William stood in the center and smiled.

“Well I recognized you anywhere my dear, I’m surprised you are hereâ€

I simply smiled at him, seeing as I didn't have anything to say to him.

“I suppose you are here to try and kill him, well go ahead give me your best shotâ€

My hand was balled into a fist as I stared at him, he would know what to expect. He was way smarter than me, I have to caution in my action or I will pay the price for it. I didn't want to look around for Ken cause that would give him up and it would kill me if I lost him too.

“Don’t think for a second that you can out smart me William, I have learned a lot over the years of being a vampire†I finally said, I had to admit I was scared.

“Now I have to see this...†he smiled and challenged me to attack him.

Without a minute to lose I threw a ball of fire towards him and of course it missed him but I shot one after the other, this time angling it and finally one hit him and then another. I smiled as I succeeded in hitting him. He growled and was rather surprised that I hit him. My next aim was a big one cause even before he could use his power on me, he was off his feet and in the air, flying backwards and then fell hard into the ground with a loud thud.

“How was that William?†I asked with a smiled, I was rather amused and proud of myself as I waited for him to stand up and that’s when I felt the earth move, shake so badly and before I could even react or move from the way...I was drowned in darkness.

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Made By Ellen


I didn’t just see what I saw, I didn’t. Vivian is the strongest vampire I have met; she made me who I am. She has to come back, she just has to. I waited; staring at the spot I saw her drop. Where she disappeared... I don’t know how long I was standing there but she never came. Was she truly gone forever?

“Ken, what should we do?†a red haired vampire asked.

“Stay where you are but attack “I said and looked at the vampire that spoke to me, “Matt make the earth move, separate them, send them in a panic and remain hidden at all timesâ€

I instructed all of them to stay hidden and attack, surprise attack; that’s what Vivian said and that what we will do, and oh will they be surprised.

William was the first to make a run for it and I let him run, I was going to make his death rather painful. But the others went down one by one, the fact that they couldn’t see us worked perfectly and why wouldn’t it? It’s how Vivian wanted it. Every time I say her name it becomes more real to me, that she is really gone. I don’t have anyone else but her and she is gone, even my desire for Gale has vanished just like Vivian did and I feel horrible; like my desire for living has just died along with my best friend, my fire buddy.


We made our way home; I let the others walk ahead of me while I lingered behind. I couldn’t get the image of Vivian just dropping like that and being swallowed by the earth. Nothing made sense of her ending, someone like her ending like that, it’s just not possible. I wanted to run back and rip the earth apart and dig for her but I knew that was crazy because if she was alive she would have busted out of there.


It was the very next day and I was sitting away from all the vampires. I just couldn’t think anymore, I was lost. My world suddenly became meaningless, dead and colourless. Being immortal without a friend, without anyone for that matter was useless. I always thought if I would never win or get Gale, I will have Vivian but now I have nothing and hence I’m nothing.




The darkness was all around me and yet I was here, not dead but here because I felt the rocks next to me and the heat of the lava below me. I was stuck somewhere in between, when the ground opened and I fell, I remember holding onto something as I watched the ground close up on me .

“I have to get out of hereâ€

I raised my hand up and clawed through the dirt and then I pulled myself up. I continued to do this, claw and crawl, claw and crawl.

“It is working...keeping moving Viâ€



I wasn’t going to sit here and moan for Vivian, I will make William pay. And so I went in search for him, I finally sniffed out the direction he went, I kept going till I found him. And after a while of running I found the Jerk,

“You think you can kill my friend and make it out alive...think again Williamâ€

William turned and looked at me and then at my flaming fist; he backed off and was scared. I smiled knowing that he was afraid of dying,

“Yes be scared you dog†I threw a fire ball at him, causing his arm to catch on fire. He tried to put it off and after he did, he made a run for it but I was close behind. As I inched closer, I aimed and fired at him over and over. The last fire ball threw him off his feet and face down into the ground. I didn’t give him a chance to get up, instead I pinned him to the ground and ripped his burnt arm off.

“I’m going to make you suffer†I growled at him.

William crawled to his feet and started to beg for his life but I heard nothing, just this burning desire to rip him to shreds.

Even after killing him I wasn’t satisfied, I was still hurting and I stared at the flames, finally let the tears fall. The pain was so much, I never knew I would miss her so badly but I did and it was killing me. I walked back home but nothing else was there left for me. As I reach it was night fall I walked up to the house and sat on the steps at the back.



The only way I knew I was going to get out of her was to dig my way, if I use my powers chances are I would get stuck and drop into the lava too. I was so narrowly stuck in that I could barely crawl my way up. With great difficultly I got half my hand up, just enough to claw at whatever was in front of my face.

I don’t know how long I was doing this but this was taking forever,

“Argh!!! I will gain another hundred years this way, oh what the hell I will risk itâ€

Digging my fingers into the dirt, I held on and raise my palm upwards, above me. Letting the heat increase in my palm,

“Here goes nothing†I closed my eyes and fired while still holding on for my life. I heard a big blast. After the sound died out I opened my eyes and to my surprise I saw the mood light,

“YES it wor- oppsâ€

With all my excitement I let go of the hand that was holding me in place but I managed to hold on. With both hands on both the side of the wall and legs in place I counted and was getting ready to launch myself up,

“One –two-THREEâ€

I pushed myself up to the surface; I shot up in the air like a rocket and land on the ground.

“Wow made it-oh shit what went down hereâ€

There were bodies, well burnt up ones everywhere,

“Did Ken do this†I smiled and looked around, “KEN HEY KEN†but Ken wasn’t in sight. There was only one place I knew he would be, so I ran to find him.


Finally I was there and I smiled when I saw Ken, “KEN†I yelled and ran to him.



I lifted my head at the familiar voice, “Vi...vi....†I frowned, “Vivian†I yelled and jumped. I grabbed her into a hug and lifted her off her feet, “you are alive...man I thought I lost youâ€. I let go of her and looked at her, just to make sure it was her, “Oh man it is youâ€

“Who else did you expect, the fairy godmother†Vivian said laughing. I hugged her again and I didn’t feel like letting go of her. As if like a Phoenix from the ashes my life started to have meaning again and I was happy once more, my friend was back and everything was colourful and full of life once again.

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I don’t have anyone else but her and she is gone, even my desire for Gale has vanished just like Vivian did and I feel horrible; like my desire for living has just died along with my best friend, my fire buddy. - This is so sad :sob:

My world suddenly became meaningless, dead and colourless. - This sentence is beautiful <3


A heartbreaking start and a sweet ending. Very good Stef, I really enjoyed this chapter :) And you're very welcome for the banners :hug:

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