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Hey! Re-Introduction! :)

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So not only have I changed my name I have also been away for a while so I thought it best to re-introduce myself.


Hi! I'm Danielle, most of you know me as dazza_stoke or dazzascfc (if at all) and I first joined the old old forums back in 2004... 9 years ago! I feel old!


From 2004-2007 I was a moderator twice and had an amazing time, I met people both online and in person who I am still proud to call friends today. I've always been around but since then I have been back in spells as I concentrated on other things in my life.


In the past year my life has changed so much... literally! I was diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria in October, it is a condition I was born with and I have since started treatment to fully transition from male to female. I could have just closed my account here and come back as Danielle and nobody would have been non the wiser, that would have been the easiest thing to do. But I have nothing to hide, being Transgender is part of a celebration of human diversity and of our right to present ourselves, and live, as the people we are. I am finally being me! :)


So that's me... it beats my first introduction post anyway :D

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Helloooo and welcome back! You're right, that's one hell of an introduction post. I had no idea of your condition but I'm glad it all worked out for you. So, it's Danielle now? I guess that means you can keep your initials. A wise choice. And a pretty name. :)

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Yes,I remember you. We've never really spoken,per say,but I do remember you. Welcome back!


Honestly,I don't know that much about Gender Dysphoria (did I even spell it right?),so I don't really know the 'proper' etiquette,you know,should I say sorry or...I don't know,please excuse my awkward,ignorant ways! But I do know that I'm super chuffed you didn't close your 'old' account! It's admirable that you are being yourself and not apologizing for it. It's rare in this day and age to see someone be true to themselves and being proud of it,so I applaud you for not taking the 'easy way out'. People like you slowly (emphasis on slowly,I'm still quite pissed) restore my faith in humanity.


Anyways,welcome back and big,big kudos! And only one thing left to do:


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Thanks for the welcome... again :)


One of the great things about being Trans is choosing your own name... I didn't set out for a name which begins with D but I have always loved Danielle, I just think it's a really beautiful name. If my parents were to have another girl they would have called her Joanna so I will adopt that as a middle name too :)


As for etiquette, there isn't really any, treat me as you would anyone else. If someone presents as female, treat them as such, and the same for male. Your words really mean a lot.. thank you! :D


If anyone is interested in my story, you can check out my blog, the link is in my signature :)

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Hey, welcome back on the forums. I already saw the change on FB and twitter and also read your blog a couple of times. A very important question I do have though. Can I still call you Dazza?


Anyway, I'm happy to see you are so much happier with yourself now. :)

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Thanks :)


A very important question I do have though. Can I still call you Dazza?

A lot of people have asked me what I would prefer them to call me and I just tell them whatever they feel most comfortable with, but I do like it when people call me Danielle.


Eventually I will tell people to call me Danielle or Dani all the time :)

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