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Post A Picture Of Your Bedroom

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Thank you everyone!


Jeremy, should've known you'd have a special place for all your glasses :P


The wall opposite the wall opposite the door:


My computer and iPad:

Lovelovelove the wallpaper and Lady and the Tramp pictures <3

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I like this thread! My room changes A LOT. These were the pictures I had on my comp. I didn't feel like taking updated pics right now (lazy me) But my room has changed a lot from this picture as in rearranging and what not!

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^ DUDE, we have the same laptop. And your room is lovely <3

Compaq? hehe xD We're cool like that. 8D


And my postered wall used to be covered like every cm covered in a picture. But I stripped it wanting to add colour (my wallpaper, though I hate the colour,) and I got that design. :P

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:o is that your graduating class?! You said it was small... I didn't know it was that small. :0_0:



lol yea its my graduating class, we only had 58 in my class

Umm..that's bigger than my whole high school haha. My graduating class only had 4 people including myself.

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@padfoot I'm loving your room especially the Paris motifs.


Been meaning to post mine, but just never came around to it. Forgive the phone quality.




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Finally took some pictures of my uni room in Auckland. They are taken with a real crappy phone camera so bear with me!


It sucks because its so small! I went from a queen sized bed with copious amounts of room to this single bed rubbish <_<


This is the wall decorated with posters as you can see...

Just bought the two biggest ones today from the theaters, I love The Road, one of my favorite movies ever.

Also, take note of the CD case full of $600 of CD's.


The cupboard of darkness that actually has 20 band t-shirts in it.


Obviously the computer disk and cupboard as well as a box of 12 1.5L Ginger Beer (I love Ginger Beer! :king: )


$2000 of metal taking up space


My door, with more posters


Part one of the CD cases (CD's are in the other case)


Part two of the CD case


Thats all folks, I hope you enjoyed the tour, exit is on the left and I do accept tips :D

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