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Old Celebrity Crushes

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[b]I know when we were young some of us had like big celebrity crushes so name the ones you were crazy about. For me mine was of course the famous Leonardo Dicapro:


Whenever I saw Romeo and Juliet back in 1996 I thought he was cute then I kinda fell for him in Titantic.[/b]
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Funny topic.... When I was 14 a had a terrible crush on this young lady.....


Of course a british actress...... :blush:


Her name is Judie Bowker....... Edited by Jonny Claus jr.
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Pulled out some old journals. Orlando Bloom was the most solid one for me. These aren't current as it says Old.

[b]Orlando Bloom[/b] from 2000 - 2007
[b]Leonardo DiCaprio[/b] from 1997 - 2004
[b]Patrick Dempsey[/b] from 2004 - 2006
[b]Heath Ledger[/b] from 1998 - 2008
[b]Hayden Cristensen[/b] from 2002 - 2008
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[quote name='Carlyn' timestamp='1359002783' post='213180']
I had a crush on Johnathan Rhys Meyers when I was about sixteen.

I crushed on him when he was in Bend it like Beckham. >.<
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[quote name='magicbeans' timestamp='1358969345' post='213140']
[b]Orlando Bloom[/b] from 2000 - 2007
[b]Hayden Cristensen[/b] from 2002 - 2008
Same! I'll also add a girl crush of mine, Keira Knightley, whom I still have a huge crush on :P

And some really old crushes:
My first crush was Charlton Heston in Ben Hur! I saw this film before the age of 10 and I had a huge crush on hm for years! It's also my most favourite movie of all times.

I also had a HUGE crush on Christopher Reeve, like I was in love with him literally :P since I was Idk 13 or so through out my whole teen years.

Gene Kelly; I also had a massive crush on him since I was a teen.
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hm a real big Crush like Emma i had never before, but i liked Alessandra Martines (best known as Fantaghiro), Keira Knightly and yeah a little bit Orlando Bloom but i don´t wanted to sleep with him.

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Eventhough I was borned way after her death. I used to watch Some Like It Hot, Seven Year Itch etc. ad naseum.


It seemed to me she always lived her life like a candle in the wind. Never knowing who to cling to when the rain set in. I would've like to have known her but she was already dead. Her candle burned out long before her legend ever did. That's just what I thought. Meh, I dunno. It sounds kinda poetic. Maybe I should write a song about her.


I also had a crush on Princess Di. As a boy, I never udnerstood why she would marry that dork when she could've had me. ;)


And I'm sure there's some other ones I can't think of now.

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I had a crush on Edward Furlong way back time when he acts as John Connor. But I dont know why, but I start staring seeing his old pictures from at this point. Example.




From this:




To this:




Uhm, well yeah  :whaa:

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