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I've been editing for about a year now. I'll be posting before and afters of the stuff I do.


Some of it's good.



I guess I'll start with my avatar. This is a still from the behind the scenes video for the Burberry shoot, which is why the quality on this one is so low.





This was the first edit I remember doing. It was taken in Paris while she was filming the Lancome ad.


Since all her clothes are black and white, this was a relatively simple effect to accomplish.




These two are also from the Lancome ad. Since the whole ad has a French New Wave style going on, these outfits really photograph best in b&w.





This edit, from the London Perks Premiere, has probably been the most popular. I had always wanted to see what an old Hollywood glamour shot would look like, but nothing before this ever really worked with that look.




Okay. I'm tired now. I'll post some more later.

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This is from the Women in Hollywood shoot by Alexi Lubomirski. The filters on this are really strong, even more so than any of the other actresses he shot, so I wanted to see what it would look like without any filters.





This is from the Bling Ring set in Venice Beach. I always thought that leather jacket made her look tough, but the short shorts kinda clash with that look.





This is a still from the People Tree 2011 BTS. All the uploads of this video on youtube are kinda degraded, but was able to find a version on Vimeo that was much higher quality.





This is a still from the Glamour UK BTS. For some reason, when I first saw this, I thought of the tank top Bruce Willis wears in the first half of Die Hard. Which made me wonder what Emma would like in a gritty action movie.





This is a still from the Vanity Fair 2012 BTS. I didn't really change the color that much, just did my best with the watermark.






More to come.

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A few weeks ago, a newspaper called The Star in Malaysia published some photos from the Alexi Lbomirski shoot. I was able to get those shots in HQ by buying that day's digital edition from their website. These pics were then shared here, along with the rest of the internet.


But before I shared these photos, I took it upon myself to edit them a little.


Here are the versions that everyone reposted from me:






Now here are the original versions without any manipulation. I zoomed in farther this time and made a bunch of higher quality composites.





The cover photo turned out to be really big, so here's the link.


I haven't posted these versions anywhere else, so consider this an exclusive.

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Roberto, whatever you do don't crop the tag from emma watson daily! Don't post these! I personally took photos from the site and took the tags off but I am not posting them because the photos are copyrighted material(not by the site but by the photographers and emma). I sent you a message regarding this.

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You post too many pictures with full size, try using thumbnails.

My firefox crashed so many times because of his topic, I think I wrote to him that, that the photos are way too big and slows down everything.

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