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I've been editing for about a year now. I'll be posting before and afters of the stuff I do.

Some of it's good.

I guess I'll start with my avatar. This is a still from the behind the scenes video for the Burberry shoot, which is why the quality on this one is so low.





This was the first edit I remember doing. It was taken in Paris while she was filming the Lancome ad.


Since all her clothes are black and white, this was a relatively simple effect to accomplish.




These two are also from the Lancome ad. Since the whole ad has a French New Wave style going on, these outfits really photograph best in b&w.





This edit, from the London Perks Premiere, has probably been the most popular. I had always wanted to see what an old Hollywood glamour shot would look like, but nothing before this ever really worked with that look.




Okay. I'm tired now. I'll post some more later.


No matter how many times i see those they are always very cool!  :king:

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