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New Wallpapers:


Totally the only reason why I watch The White Queen. I hope his death doesn't get over looked. -_- I'll probably stop watching it around then. The next 3 series are boring. >.< Gosh he is so lovely! Awesome wallpaper.

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I'm happy I told you to read Mortal Instruments. Every time I visit every couple of weeks, I always see a new mortal instruments. I get excited every time I see Jamie. Awesome wallpapers!

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OMG YOU WATCH ONCE UPON A TIME? I didn't anyone here did! I love it. I collected the limited edition magazines and everything. I'm so obsessed. Rumple is my favourite character and Rumbelle is my all time ship!! <3 Gorgeous Ginnifer graphic. Ah. I almost died again when I saw the Jamie one and then I saw that below and I think my heart fell on the laptop. <3 Beautiful! The forest also adds a nice touch to her character too.

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