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Well, as you may know by now, I am back on the forum. A lot of things have happened in my life, some good, some...not so good. The good? Well, I have had the many challanges since my departure of obtaining my Associate's degree, working nearly 24/7, and now working toward my Bachelor's in Accounting as well as possibly obtaining a minor in Mathematics. The bad? Well, I am getting out of the Marine Corps, and since I may think of that as a good thing, others may not see it as such. Not to mention the fact that the "tuition assistance" program in the military went away, so now it's all left up to the GI Bill to pay for the college, which is what I had planned on doing anyway, whether TA went away or not. As far as the ugly goes? Well, I can't disclose that on the forum.


Okay, on to what sparked this idea/topic in the first place. Many of you may be wondering what is the purpose of it? Well, the whole purpose of this topic is for me to help you with Mathematics. Since I hear Math is one of the hardest subjects for many students, I want to post up tutorials of how to do certain subjects pertaining to Mathematics, ranging from Elementary Math to Algebra to Calculus. What I need from you is whether or not this is a good idea. If it is, just let me know on this topic what parts of Math you are struggling in and I will help you out the best that I can. Along with the tutorial, I will post some math problems/worksheets as well pertaining to the subject(s) at hand, just to see how well you are doing and where you still need help.


Let me know what you guys think. Any questions, please feel free to ask.

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I think it's a good idea, especially for the young members here, but I wouldn't say it's one of the hardest for most. On the contrary, I find it the easiest, though not my favourite.

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