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New redband trailer for "This is the End" with Emma Watson bits!

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That made me LOL.

Doubt I will see this though. Don't really like these type of comedies. :(


I think you will find on youtube "Emma-only-scenes" after the movie is released. I think the movie is crap, but of course I will watch "her" scenes......

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Well I loved both "Superbad"  ("'McLovin'?! What kind of stupid name is that Fogel? What are you trying to be an Irish R&B singer?") and "Pineapple Express ("Thug life!") but Emma being in this is the cherry on top!

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ROFLMAO!!!! Roberto thank you...that part just has me rolling and laughing my arse off, but the best line that I cant stop laughing at is "Hermione just stole all of our sh$#". The way he delivers that line is perfect.


It's funny to see Emma like this playing "herself" so to speak LOL-we see Emma as this very kind and very sweet young woman but get her riled up and WATCH OUT! ;) Dont be putting an ax near that girl ever!!! ;)


Trixie, I hear ya...I am not into these comedies either-my friends made me watch Hot Tub Time Machine and yeah LOL...I have a very funny feeling my friends are seeing this in the theaters (we saw HTTM on cable)...if Emma had a bigger role I would definitely be seeing it without any "force" LOL...but even just to see Emma's scenes as minimal as they may be, it will be worth it! ;-)

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hm not the movie i would watch. On the other side emma is in it. So i will probably watch it.


And yes good axe, good grip, defend your olive, if i may say so.

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