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i like the darker blonde, shoulder length, but then again, i thought she looked fabulous with the short hair, in a lot of pictures. i'll watch Emma no matter what her color or style is. i do find myself wondering what she would look like with curly brunette hair, or redhead.

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Of course i like her whatever is on her had, and she has to change sometimes, because she is a woman in an public position and there you have to change blablabla


I liked the length on the GQ cover. My favorite color is dark blond. But as long as she don´t chooses a clowns red it will fit, i would want to see her with black hair once.

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i don´t agree.


She cut free and found knew beauty in her new self confidence and i don´t think that the hair are 30% of a the beauty of a woman.

I agree. and  I like that she cut her  hair after her "Hermione era".

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I think the only reason she kept her hair that long, like all the way down her back, was for Potter. 


I don't think she's going to grow it back out to that size, but keep it at a manageable shoulder length.



The length never really hurt her looks, but I think it changed the way she could be photographed.


When you have shorter hair, you're able to angle your face away from the camera at a higher degree that isn't otherwise possible.


This gives her the ability to pull off poses she couldn't before, and use her neck to more effect.






Of course, when you change the length that much, you lose the ability to have a natural frame for your face.


This means that certain angles that worked with longer hair, no longer do. 




As for my favorite hairstyle, I think that belongs to the Burberry campaign (specifically S/S 2010).


I like this cut not so much because of the length, but mainly because of the color, the way it's layered, and how perfectly straight it is.






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i could watch Emma with any hair-style, color, even a wig....oh wait. lol. she wore a wig for the Rocky Horror Picture Show scenes in Perks of Being a Wallflower. :)



^ nice pictures, Roberto, thanks for posting them.

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