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What other sites do you frequent regularly?

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Or even several times a day. That is, if you're checking back here regularly.


For me, right now, it's the Obsidian Entertainment forums, RPG Watch, Youtube, and lately the The Dark Triad homepage; for games, GOG.com and Abandonia.


Also, semi-regularly, but at least 2 or 3 times a week, the DaggerXL homepage, Guido Henkel's blog, Eden's tumblr (formerly Watson Uncensored), and various news sites and kickstarter projects.

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various blogs on tumblr


several Pittsburgh Steelers fansites, which i have accounts on.


animepaper and animegallery


snitchseeker and pottermore




roamersandlurkers.com (walking dead fansite)


several movie forums (not imdb hate them)

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