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Emma Watson promoting "Bling Ring" and premiering sneak peek clip

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I love her hair! I love her outfit! Emma is as sweet and beautiful as always. You can't help but love this young actress!! :) Just very well spoken as always and just very, very down to earth as always.

The cast was fun overall to watch and listen to answering questions. I am super excited to seeing this movie!!!!! :)

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that closeup picture, number 5, is simply stunning. love her! :wub:


That's the one I had to open and see closer. Too bad we didn't get on set photos that don't have tags on  from the Q&A.

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How is it we have a nice discussion saying how cool Emma and the cast were to going to inappropriate comments? I dont get it, what is the point? I am referring to the girl action comment. I dont care you think it why post it in the wrong thread? We always seem to go off topic when there are certain posts-can we just stay on topic for once? This topic was pictures of Emma and Bling Ring and now we go and have non post related comments like the ones made previously. This is not meant to start any disagreements either, it's just my opinion.


Back on topic: I thought the cast was very sweet-complete opposites of the characters in Bling Ring :) which goes to show the acting they will pull off. They were all very funny!!! :)

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Not everyone is checking this,.........  :huh:

There will be definitly some "action", done by the nice cast of the movie.

But again - not everyone is checking this........ that "little Hermione is over".


Agreed.  Come on people, we need to give Emma a chance to grow and improve in her roles.  -_-"

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