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There will always be Superman fans out there ALWAYS YOU HEAR ME :P I'm a huge fan, always been, and a huge DC fan in general and I'm just gonna put it out there it seems to me that the critics always try to put DC films down and they tend to overate the Marvel ones sooooo yeah. I bet this film is going to effing kick butt! It looks amazing, a bit darker (well you can't go wrong with Nolan) and I'm super excited. If it goes well, maybe DC will think about JLA? I've heard that they're thinking about it, but Idk if it's legit.


EDIT: I have mixed feelings about Brandon, there's something about him I didn't like, he was too "soft"? Idk. Henry Cavill fits perfectly, we'll see!

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@Emma_Rules - Superman Returns was considered a failure. WB and DC took a few years off and re-evaluated before coming out with another Superman movie. It appears that was the wise choice.

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