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The Great Gatsby (2013)

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I'm a little excited about seeing The Great Gatsby. I read the book in high school and I'm interested in seeing a new movie adaption. I saw the trailer and was impressed at how lavish everything looks.

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I am super excited for this. It looks great! I follow Tiffany and Co. on Instagram and they actually made a lot of stuff for set that just looks amazing. Tiffany was so huge in the 20's for fixtures and such. I am also super excited for Leo of course, but Carey Mulligan as well. Idk it looks great.

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There's a lot of fans of the book here!


I too am a fan of the book and have two editions. A 1998 one and 2013. (Film cover)


I have watched the old film and love it, however I don't think this film will live up to the old one and the book.


I think Baz put his own modern take on the film and has made it very visually dynamic. However, I didn't picture Leo as Gatsby or Carrie as Daisy. Leo is a good actor so it's a case of waiting to see.


I am very excited to watch it and I hope it's brilliant. I'm watching it for a treat for doing my exams this Friday. (Day it comes out)

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This was a majestic film that lived up to and exceeded the hype; there's a little bit of everything all rolled into a gripping and powerful movie with vision and purpose. Vivid illustrations of a decade of prosperity are modernized with excellent taste and in exquisite detail. Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio should take home a bunch of hardware for captivating performances. :]

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