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Emma is scheduled to attend the 2013 Costume Institute Exhibition at The Met

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How nice an event with an evening dress.

I´m looking forward to see some pics. Happy!


Don't expect too much. She had no good hand in choosing her dresses for the last events she appeared. All her style seems to be gone for good.....

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To be honest, no. She is dressing like one of the many starlets out there. During her time at HP she was classy, had style and her dresses were perfect. This dress on the picture is nothing special, nothing "Emma". It's just a - plain, boring, uninteresting dress. Here some examples what I think is a dress......









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Kerry Washington wore a wonderful evening dress at the MTV awards 2013. She was not overdressed, but it was also no "mini dress".

Emma could do much better; she is a girl with style and taste. Her mini-dresses are boring, non-inspirational, but, of course, simple to wear.


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Elegant dresses are always so serious. Mini-dresses are supposed to be fun and simple. 


Not everything needs to be complex. Sometimes simple dresses can work just as well.

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I guess the punk theme will also be applied to the attire as well.





If this is the case, we might see Emma take this theme a little more seriously than I expected.


I mean, she basically worships Patti Smith, so this could be a chance for her to pay homage.

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