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Happy Birthday Elena!

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I adore you <3

I shouldn't have mentioned it's my birthday coz I don't deserve a topic. It's a forum notification of my birthday on there though. Can't hide anywhere, I'm a 'Romanian oak'.(jonny's direct quote).

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Thanks, that's better than my coffee when you've burned your greedy mouth on a pizza :doh:  But enough about me.

Burn yo mouth with sizzling hot pizza? 'Nice'. sEND that over. I'll send cake to you.


Did you know that I'm Kylie Minogue's birthday present? Coz I'm born on her bday. It's nice to share the birthday with the absolute fave singer in the world.

It's also Colbie Caillat's(singer), Carey Mulligan's(actress), and Mary J Blige's(r&b goddess) birthday as well.

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Happy belated birthday, darling! :) I hope you had a fabulous day.



Yup I'm late too, compressor ! Sorry!

Congrats ! :P

Ling I missed ya! It was a nice day:)

Thank you both!

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