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Mara Wilson-Words of Wisdom

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I've always admired Mara Wilson's precocious and charming acting ability as a child actor. I always wondered

whatever became of her everytime I saw Mrs Doubtfire or Miracle on 34th Street.


I think with this perspective, she nails Hollywood on the head, and with insight and humor tells of the dark side

of Hollywood, and how and why so many child stars enter and never come out the same.


She was smart as a child, and now as an adult, she's giving great advice and warnings to kids/parents that want to become actors/celebrities.


Good for her!!! :yesyes:

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I love Mara. We've followed each other on Twitter for a year or so now and she's hilarious. 




And she also is friends with the Nostalgia Chick, which makes her twice as awesome.


Do you follow any other ChezA people? I'm friends (IRL) with this cool guy. You should check him out. :)

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I've read interviews and stuff from her over the last several years since she's gotten out of acting and always thought she had a very level head on her shoulders. This should be required reading for parents of child actors, parents of children wanting to get into acting, current child actors, children wanting to get into the biz and former child actors who need help (I'm looking at you Lindsay).

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