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New Coming Epic Film Series! The Chronicle of Diabolus!

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Everyone, who heard about "The Chronicle of Diabolus" wants ot see films or read books. It`s fantasy saga made by a 12 years old boy, who has a gift of great creativity, with that he started it`s creating 6 years ago. First book is about to come in Czech language next year [2014]. Then, 1 or 2 years after will come it in English. Films are opened for roles, but an important information is need to know > The work will be for 20 years, at least. The author will play in the movie as 1 of 3 main characters, second one is Emma`s role and the third is opened. Their names are secret for some time.


For any more information, watch author`s FB: Sunamar Abyssal

or just ask on Skype: Lord Sunamar Abyssal, the Demigod of Balance


Thanks for reading this long message

Lord Sunamar Abyssal :)

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At least i pray for this plan, my friend (the author) wants to use his whole life to this masterpiece. If some1 here is a fan of Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia or Twilight, he/she must watch this.It is something like combination of these all films. Of course, only by genre and aspects, not with anymore :)

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That it is very long, you never seen it, so dont try to attack through it.... 

anything with a name Diabolus I surely don't want to see and I don't attack anything.

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