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congrats!!!!!! :) Dee you a Blackhawks fan or just because it's Chicago :) Like I am not a Baltimore Ravens fan but it was cool when they won Superbowl! :)


I have to say nice to see Boston go down-they are always beating my Caps!!


Sorry just saw your post mod! :) please can you move these over there? Thank you!! :)

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haha... poor powerless Widu. :P


Congrats to your Blackhawks Dee!  :happydance:  As a long suffering Islanders fan I am sooooo jealous right now! :doh:


My sister and brother in law LOVE the Capitals Kristin (usually go to a few games a year and watch every game on t.v. that they don't go to).  They named one of their cats Puck (really Robin Goodfellow after the Shakespeare character) but they always call him Puck and like to do so because of  duality of the character AND their hockey fandom. Puck's play toy is Alexander Ovfishkin btw.  If my computer hadn't bugged out on me I'd attach a picture of them (Puck and Ovfishkin)


*of course they can also be seen on my blog which is linked on my profile page* <-----  insert shameless plug! >.<

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