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How to embed youtube videos onto a forum post.

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Find the youtube video you want to embed, click the share button to get the youtube url and just paste that into a post. The forum software takes care of the embedding.


You can use either of the url forms below. If there are paramaters after the "watch?v=xxxxxxx" part you can delete that.



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I have to say that I used this "method" i.e. whenever I wanted to post a youtube video, I just c/p the link. And the links remain, I never see my videos. Why is that ? Or what am I doing wrong ?


[Examples where it didn't work :


http://forum.emma-watson.net/index.php?/topic/3426-ylvis/ ]

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Thessalie, are you using the Link button in the tool bar? If so, that is for adding a link which is what you get.
To embed the video, just paste (Ctrl V) the text of the link into your post. The forum software knows how to display that as en embedded video.
If you change the post editor to text mode (button at top left corner) you should see a url that looks like the first one below. If it looks like the second, with url tags, you are doing something wrong.


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