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Emma for 'The Secret Service'?

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Photo by Arved Colvin Smith for Storm


Ok, so found something on facebook and immediately wanted to read more and found this article and it's pretty interesting so far.

I'm super happy to see Emma being requested so much for many different roles, and they say:

"The Secret Service" originated as a comic book by Mark Millar, whose comic book creations also inspired "Wanted" and "Kick-Ass" (he also serves in some kind of creative capacity on the Marvel movies Fox has in development) and Dave Gibbons, the artist who worked with Alan Moore on the beloved "Watchmen" series.

It tells the story of a kid who is taken under the wing of his super spy uncle, who teaches him how to be the best spy he can be. It's pretty warm-hearted, given Millar's usual nihilistic streak, and should make for a fun deconstruction of the genre. So far Egerton joins Colin Firth as the uncle and Michael Caine (as the head of the spy organization).

Whoever Vaughn picks for the female lead would play the romantic love interest for our young spy. Heathcote came off a great 2012 in which she costarred in Tim Burton's "Dark Shadows" and David Chase's "Not Fade Away" (if either had been a bigger hit she'd be shortlisted for everything). Watson, of course, is transitioning from her "Harry Potter" mode, with two winning performances this summer in "This is the End" and Sofia Coppola's brilliant "Bling Ring." Mark Hamill, who makes an appearance in the first issue of the comic book, has also signed on to play himself. According to the Variety report, they're still looking for a huge star to play the bad guy, after both Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio passed.




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I think, just accounting for maturity as time passes, she's over the phase where she would only work with directors she has a personal fondness for.


I agree, I think she is equally interested in the script and the rest of the cast.

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Last night a source said: “The director, Matthew Vaughan, is deep in talks with Emma right now.


“It would be a surprise if she turned him down as The Secret Service is going to be huge.â€


Last night a delighted Mark said: “I can’t believe our luck with the cast we’re getting together. Michael Caine is a legend. He’s the English Sean Connery so having him and Colin Firth together is really exciting."


"The female lead has yet to be cast. I can’t say if Emma Watson has been approached, but obviously she’d be amazing in a picture like this.â€




In other words: I haven't talked to her, and this is my way of creating buzz. 


They start shooting this in a few weeks. Pre-production has already begun.


If Millar and Vaughn really cared at all about this role, they wouldn't have saved it for the last minute and used the press to create competition.

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Just saw this in an advanced screening and I must say this was such a nothing part it's just ridiculous.


I seriously doubt they ever expected any high profile actress to ever be interested in this role for any reason other than the paycheck.



You can see her struggle to even describe her character's personality here, and I don't blame her.


She was basically given nothing to work with.



I mean, her only purpose in the film was to be a kind of sidekick to Egerton.


Which, by itself, isn't that bad except that they never even try to make you care about her, save for the fact that she's a girl and is nice to him.


Seriously, that video pretty much covers the extent of the audience's relationship with her.


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