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Love Potion for E-W.net Members

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Of course many of us could imagine who we might use the amortentia love potion on in our lives, IF we were predisposed to do that kind of thing. 


I'm not advocating a love based on chemical dependence, and this thread isn't meant to create any real life angst in people's personal lives...


after all this is the "game's room"  and this of course is a game ---- just wanted to stress that point


It's goal is to create positivity among our members and not jealousy or feelings of being left out or unloved.  I would ask that people also please avoid any sarcasm.  It's goal is not to cause any hurt feelings... nor is it intended to promote member hook-ups. 


Try not to get too hung up on the idea of giving out a love potion either... this post isn't about ethics. >.<  And the potion does not have to be about "romantic" love.  That's why I left the amortentia potion out of the topic title.


...so hopefully in my long-windedness (remember I'm in the Wind House) I've covered all my bases... and with that spirit in mind...


Say why you love another forum member and give them a love potion!!! ;)  {remember too that everyone deserves to be loved... so please share the love}


Just try and limit it to ONE member per post. LOL 


*gives first love potion to Mrs. Pumpkinhead*  =P  (always good to give a nod to the e-wife when starting one of these threads... :doh:)


I love Noura for being the best e-wife and being one of the most truly generous and good-hearted people I have met in the e-universe.   Thank you for being such a good friend Noura!  =) <345 haha


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Hmmm I suspect an answer will take way too long so I'll just do as I please....

I'll hand out three. All for "determination" sort of.

First one to emmy wemmy.

For pulling through regardless of what was thrown in her way , even if it was a great temptation to be something different.

Second one to my e-wife Tara.

For leaving behind the things that were holding her back and starting all over again somewhere else.

Third one to sammy.

Who decided I was way too much of a problem to talk to directly and stubbornly stuck to that ever after despite my best efforts :rolleyes: .

Go figure.

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Thanks Chris!  That was great! :)  I said one per post... but what the heck... multiple works just fine too.  The more love that goes around the better.  Yes... I'm unabashedly a product of the 1970's LOL


I love my ex-e-nurse Carlyn for being my blogging buddy and being one of my best friends in the e-universe or otherwise.  Who has undoubtedly had the largest impact on my life of anyone I've ever met on line.


I love Tom for being a friend I can always talk to no matter after how long we may not have spoken and there are no hurt feelings or drama in the absence of convo, we can pick up just as before


I love Laura (Lolly) and Jennifer for being so kind and patient with me and indulging my long absences by showing me the kindness and attention they always have.   They are also the greatest Irish Girls ever!  That's no easy task I tell ya. Lots of competition there.


I love *Big* Chris for benig brave enough to post here when it would have been easy enough to ignore or laugh off, and for being a cool older dude, like me, so I'm not alone on the forum in that respect. Haha


I love Kristin (cbmac) and Galadriel (Sabine) and Luciana and Katharine (Dumbledore's Woman) for being my shipping buddies right from the start when I first joined this forum and three of the first people I ever met in this community.  As well as Dee for joining that die hard group.  Oh, and btw they are awesome shippers and awesome women to boot! :o 


I love BoMa and Ariebella and Lindy for being the best e-children ever.  I wouldn't be the e-dad of just anyone you know.  The only thing that surpasses the beauty of these three young ladies are their hearts/minds/spirits.  They are truly wonderful people!


I love Emmy, Kimberly, Little Chris, Kimberley Lisa and Jeremy for being regular chat buddies in the past and sometimes in the present.  Every time I get to speak with them is a joy, they never bring me down or make me feel bad, they always lift my spirits and make me laugh.


I love Vida and Alex, for being friends who may be gone from the site, but not forgotten.  There are people we meet and we might never get to speak to again, but we know we have known them that they are first class.  That's Vida and Alex, and even in their absence from this site and from my life here they are never far from my thoughts and from my heart.


Okay.. I think that covers it for now.  :P  There are others too but only so much I can cover in one thread. =D

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