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Fantasy (American) Football? Anyone?

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I'm a member of two fantasy football leagues this year.  Which is one more than I am usually a part of.


Are there any other forum members who enjoy fantasy (American) football?


I've been a part of one league with online friends for a decade now.  I have an affinity for performing well in these leagues, even though I struggle terribly in picking individual football games and who will win (something else I've been doing for a decade).


It's kind of late to get one going this year now, and who knows where life takes us, but if there are enough interested members, perhaps in the future we can have a league here.  I'd be fine with setting one up if there were enough interest.  I wish I'd actually considered the idea much earlier.  But I don't intend on leaving the forum any time soon, so if we have enough interest for next year, I'd be happy to create a league.


Outside of that, if anyone would like to discuss how their team is doing, or ask advice on a fantasy league trade or who to start and who to sit, I'd be happy to give my .02 cents here. 


Likewise, it would be awesome to have someone to bounce ideas off of concerning the leagues I am involved in.



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