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Looking for math books in english - books for the kids at school

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Hi everyone ! 


So here's a weird title for something weird too. I will try to explain why I need your help. Just to start with, because I will talk about the French school system, I'm sory if I'm not clear enough, because there is no real translation, just equivalents.


I have in France a degree in Mathematics (a "licence", equivalent of Bachelor Degree) and this year I'm training for the national competitive examination to be a math teacher for people from 11 to 18 years old. I'll belong to the national education system if I succeed :)


In the system, I can obtain special certifications in order to  practice differently and to lead special projects with our classes. It means that I have to take a special exam, and if I get the minimum grade of 10/20 that's ok, I pass. 


So basically, after becoming a teacher, I wish to have a certification in English in order to be able to teach math in English in what we call "european sections" in Middle School and High School. 

I'm still working on my English (unfortunately you can't see because I'm way better when I speak than when I write !), but I certainly have the level required for French schools. For those familiar with the Common European Framework of Reference for Language, I'm C1 (which is way higher than the French average level XD). 

But my problem is that, in order to obtain at least 10/20, I must master maths in English, just the way it's teached in English speaking-countries


I already worked a little with maths in english, but in order to learn I need to take back from the early grades where I can learn the pronunciation and stuff like that. I want my math in english to become natural ! I understand maths books for my level, but I need to think maths in english... I would like to find books that are used for the kids at school. And that's where I need you ! 


I have no idea how to get those books. In French it's already hard to get them because any search on Amazon leads to books helping for homework. I would like to have the "teacher book" used in class, to see americans or English people learn. I don't have any idea what can be the name of such books. For example I was typing "maths book 6th grade" but got nothing I wanted...  Can you guys give me references of books ? 




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US English or UK/Europe English?


For US, you might change your search terms a bit. 'Mathematics' or 'math' instead of 'maths'. For the teachers book, try 'teacher's edition' or 'teacher's guide'. Unless you want 6th grade specifically you might try 'elementary' (grade 1-6) or 'K12'  (kindergarten thru 12th grade).


If you need to work on pronunciation, have you thought of videos?  http://www.teachertube.com/videos.php?cat=14 has hundreds of videos teaching math. You can search for "6th grade math" to narrow it down some.

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It really really really really depends. By that I mean generally the math teaching guides vary per state, and even then they can vary per district, and even then they can vary per school (I come from a very long line of teachers and I'm delving into education a little myself at the moment). There are a vast number out there to say the least. I think the district I'm working at currently uses scholastic (not sure if they just distribute or actually create the teaching guides) so I would start there. You can also go to websites like http://www.cde.ca.gov/ta/tg/hs/mathteacherguide.asp which have teaching guides for certain state tests (the one I linked to is for CAHSEE, an exit examination required by all Californians in 10th grade). Some State and Federal websites will offer generic teacher guides for their testing.


You could try checking out some university math lectures online (the grade level might be off, but at least you'd be exposed to math being taught in an English environment). I know some of the UC's podcast or recorded their lectures then put them on itunes for free (exactly which classes I have no idea, but it might be worth checking out).


Like Dook said, try to refine your search by looking for teacher's editions or teacher's guides, you'll probably have a lot more luck that way.

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I watched videos of the MIT, but for example in a 1h video of differential equations, I'll learn 5 new words or ways to say something. That's not enough  :huh: Well at least I discovered that in the USa people use the "dy dx" very differently than we do in France. 

But thank you for your link, I think it can be very useful !


I also need to know about the theorems. For example, my last project in maths/english made me look for the english way to write Thales' theorem. On wiki I discovered that the english theorem called "Thales' theorem" is a variant of the theorem that we call Thales' theorem in french. That's why books with the lessons and the exercices would be great. 



thank you you make me realise that saying "english speaking country" is not very clear, however we don't have any better instruction for our examination... 

Is required a knowledge on the different approaches depending on the cultures and the different countries. So in english it's the USA, the GB and it could even be Australia, etc...

However, I must say that in France, in european sections we focus on the USA and the GB. That's a wide programm ! 


I believe that if I know about the differences between France/USA/GB it'll be okay, I must show that I don't use english as a translation of french (I actually hate when that's how we learn english), that I care about the other cultures, that I wish to share a passion and an interest on the other cultures. (I actually do)

This is why books would be interesting for be because it shows the evolution in the programm, the logic of the programm, and what's required at what level. 

I need both cultural material and vocabulary. 


Thank you for your link and helping, I quite didn't know where to start with ! 

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Have you tried Harcourt math? sells text books...also, there is a link called shepherdsoftware.com (I am 99% sure this is the title). My students love this link...great games and activities. (if that is what you are looking for).

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I bought CGSE books that are really good help to learn ! Pus the mathematics dictionnary (Oxford editions). 


I also plan to study maths for one month in the UK or America next summer, to really practice my english and learn maths in ennglish the right way :) I have to find a place not to expensive though... 

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