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The Legend of Zelda series.

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Hey guys, noticed there isn't a topic about the entire series of games and i've wanted to talk about it on the forum for a while now.


So, any zelda fans here? I myself have grown up with the series. I love Wind Waker, spirit tracks and phantom hourglass and im planning to replay classics like a link to the past and ocarina of time soon. 


So, what are your faves? And which ones weren't you keen on?

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I've been a big fan since I was small. I own most of the games (I think I'm only missing Oracle of Ages and Four Swords Adventures). My favourite is a probably Wind Waker (I'm excited for the HD version). I wasn't too keen on Twilight Princess. *gasps* what? I know. I've replayed it in hopes that I would like it, but to no avail. I just don't like the story, the overworld is empty, I didn't like a lot of the characters and I felt like it was a "fan service" game (meaning, they gave into fan demand for a more "realistic" graphic design and they did everything on TP that they couldn't do in OOT). We could have had Wind Waker 2 but we got Twilight Princess instead. You could argue that Phantom Hourglass is Wind Waker 2, but it's not the same as having a console sequel.


Wind Waker is a winner for me because it dared to try something different, yet it still felt like a Zelda game. Going forward, I think that's what Nintendo needs to be doing instead of producing Ocarina clones. I'm very excited for Zelda Wii U. I know people that don't even like Zelda games that are excited for it.


I replay Ocarina of Time every year (I have it on N64, Gamecube and 3DS, so I just pick my poison and go with it). 

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