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I think there is no real chance to meet Emma in den US and getting a autograph, not talking about chatting with her. I do not know how she is reacting if you meet her by chance in the street and you ask her for an autograph. The best way, if you really want it, is to go to one of the big movie premieres she will attend in the next year(s). Noah, Beauty and the Beast, Your voice in my head.....  But for that you can better go to a London Premiere. Oh, and another tip: she is very often seen in Earls Court tube (underground) station. Maybe you will be with her in the same elevator down to the Piccadilly Line. Then she cannot run away, if you ask......


Honestly: many of us here have the same wish like you, but no one of us has great hope that this wish will ever come true.


Pic1: Earls Court tube station, a "Emma hot-spot"



Pic2: Emma and William down the tube at Earls Court (fan-pic, not from me)

Oh, and maybe she can buy a him a belt. He is nearly loosing his trousers......

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Awww, Earls Court. <3 That used to be my homebase when I visited London (stayed at a hotel about 30 seconds down the road) before my homebase just became my flat in Brighton. I've never seen Emma there, though. Although she WAS at a cafe I walked by near South Kensington in 2012, but I didn't go see her because 1) I have manners and 2) my feet were LITERALLY BLEEDING from walking around for a week in wedge heeled boots. Cobblestones hurt, guys. 


Good luck with your quest, anyway, JenjaSven!

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I didn't mean that.


I just mean, she has a life of her own. She doesn't have to put on the actress hat all the time. Sometimes she just wants to be private and be with her friends and have a private social life.


She is doing so less with/for her fans, that I can say, she has 98% of her time for herself and her hs-friends.

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