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  • 3 weeks later...

Hey guys I was thinking of something about her recent tweets. 

She comes on twitter to say first 'I've been away but...' and then about the ALS bucket challenge. 



I've seen on internet that some people think those two tweets are linked, but to me it's more like she came on twitter to post a little something, and then responded about the ALS. To me there is no link between the two tweets, and there is no need to "announce" a tweet about ALS. 
So, I'm thinking she's announcing a new project ! Like "I've been away but... you'll see what's coming and what I've been preparing" ! :D
What do you think of that ? 
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Sometimes when they do the ALS challenge, the challenging person says, "You have 24 hours".


So it could just be a, "I've been away, but..." because it had been more than 24 hours.


It could be fun to play a game called, "Finish Emma's sentence"...




I'VE BEEN AWAY, BUT...things haven't changed.

I'VE BEEN AWAY, BUT...now I'm back!

I'VE BEEN AWAY, BUT...there's #noah place like home.

etc, etc...

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