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Nicholas Sparks movie adaptations

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Hi everyone ! 

here is a topic to talk about the movie adaptation of the books from Nicholas Sparks. 

I must say I love those movies and the books i read because it's always emotional.


Here is a list of the movies so far, which ones did you see ? 



I have seen The Notebook (of course !!), Dear John, The Last Song, The Lucky One and Safe Haven. 

I've seen videos of A Walk to Remember in youtube but I never watched it entirely, and my mom told me I saw Message in a Bottle, but that must be long time ago ! 


When I was in hospital, my sister gave me to read The Last Song wich made me cry for like the last 10 chapters XD Thus the movie was really nice but not as touching as the book. And i'm a huge fan of The Notebook, even though I never read it. 

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