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Emma Watson at Great Ormond Street Hospital - 11/12/13

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It is very nice of her. I feel so heartbroken for these poor children who must be ill enough to warrant a visit though. Emma is very kind to visit them, but they're the real stars. <3

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I think they may have done the wrong icon (giving benefit of doubt).


The fact that yes they do need visiting is very sad but Emma (Rupert did too visit this week for sick young fans- his was at a Christmas party) must bring a huge smile to their faces. It was so sweet to see these pics...my fav is the one with the lil boy who got to wear her cloak,wand, and time turner :) that lil boy will have these memories hopefully for a long time to come.

Also, it was very sweet and kind and beautiful of Emma and Rupert to take time to spend with these very sick young fans.

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