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Is anyone currently attending university?

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Congrats guys !! 

I have to finish this year then I'll have a last one but something special adapted to my job : in my class we are going to prepare the national examination to become maths teachers. If we pass, next year we are doing some kind of an internship 6h/week (+the time needed to prepare the lessons, it is said to be a LOT the 1rst year), and we will have something like 1 day a week class in the university. 

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Hey guys I've got a several offers but I don't know where to go....Could you give me some advice?

I want to study biology or chemistry (but if I study well I'll consider to choose biomedical engineering or chemical engineering)

I'm a little bit nerdy(lol don't like going to party very often)

Umm....The schools are University of Rochester, Rensselaer, Mount Holyoke College, Bucknell University, Lafayette College and College of the Holy Cross (the last four might not be so famous but their science is really good T^T And....yeah Mount Holyoke has a 3+2 engineering with Caltech & Dartmouth while Holy Cross has one with Columbia



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