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ssorry but what kind of forum is that?

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What kind of forum is that when no one can ever ask a critical question? It´s not like I said Emma is a silly chit or something like that.

I just wanted to talk about her changes without getting repectless.


An no, i´m not Zain or what his name was, but his Topic made me think about it more intensive and I decided to open another topic without being unfair against emma.

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You will not made it here, dude. Without any sarcasm I say, that for the members of this forum Emma is always 100% perfect. You cannot ask questions here; I try this since 2012 without any success. But there is a great, steadily growing group of people at the blog I mentioned, where you can discuss your questions without any hate against Emma.....

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Yeah, thank you!

I really don´t want to critizise this site, i´m following this site since 2008 (i think) and I respect and like the people that work on it and make sacrifices of their freetime.

I also like the message to respect Emma, but respect doesn´t exclude to question anything about her or critizise.

She is not a saint. Nobody is. But isn´t that what makes people interesting?

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Critical questions are ok. Negative comments are ok. But asking questions that you think you already know the answer to is just trolling.



Ok, I'll bite on your questions. Obviously Emma has changed since 2005, but I think Emma has changed very little in her principles. She is still down to earth.


You mention upskirts etc. like she does that on purpose. Upskirts are a hazard of women wearing skirts. Of any length. Emma doesn't wear miniskirts. It is difficult to keep your legs clamped together and always enter/exit vehicles etc. to prevent it. The polite person looks away. The paparazzi takes a photo and sells it to the tabloids. Who is at fault? You mention strip clubs. Maybe she has been. Even once and the press will make it out like she's a regular.


Don't believe all the crap you see on hate sites. They may say they are not, but that's what they are.

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Oh lord, stop being so childish. Do you all live in a world full of fluffy clouds and unicorns shitting candy? Wake up, Emma is a human being like we all are. Nothing makes her better than us. Shes just famous, thats all.


I know what it´s like to fancy her. A few years ago nobody could say to me she isn´t beautiful or a bad actress. I punched him/her right in the face. Only in my thoughts of corse.


But being more mature now, having an own family and that, I question some things about her, thats all.

I wouldn´t do that, when she wouldn´t draw such a holy picutre of herself.

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Hey, thank you fpr this normal answer.


I really don´t believe all I read on these blogs, really. I totally hate how media blurr the sight and change it to their like.


But I SEE what Emma wears on official occasions. She reveals so much skin, almost never wears a bra....yes, that makes me think she does this on purpose.

Can you wear a shirt with a cleavage to xour bellybutton a whole evening without revealing too much?

Believe me, this is very difficult and I know this. sometimes I wear such clothes... When I really don´t want people to see so much of me (what Emma claims very often in Interviews), then I wear clothes were it can´t happen. Just my opinion. Women don´t need to show her breasts to be beautiful.

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You are really travelling in dangerous waters here, my friend......  :rolleye0012:


What you have to understand is that she is not meaning what she is saying....

Last (harmless) example: Back in 2011 she said in an interview, that she NEVER wears black; she is more into bright colours .... and so on.

Now look at the (perfect) dresses she wore over the last 2-3 years. Without that creepy red something with black (!) trousers it was mostly ---> black.

So seperate her statements from her actual life - then it much more easy to see the nice, perfect girl in her.....

Edited by Jonny Carinthia
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Yes, no, I don´t know.

Like I said in my first posting in the closed topic, it´s really hard for me that she lost this shy, correct image. I identified myself with her for years and I always thought that it´s nice to have a actress to look up to, who is just..I don´t know how to explian this right.. It just has a bad taste for me. Miley Cyrus and Lindsey Lohan also started as nice, innocent girls. And look what happend to them :0_0:

Maybe I´m afraid this will happen to Emma.

Do you know how it is to have a rolemodel? Just because of emma, I got better at school, because I learned more...I thank her so much and now my Image of her crackles.


I just wanted to know if there is anybody else, who feels the same like me.


I don´t want to hate, in this case i wouldt go to this forum here, but to a hatesite.

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yes, now i know this. I didn´t know the existence of these blogs and sites before, so I went to this forum i´ve known for ages now. I really had no idea this is such a delicate topic here.


I can do better with my time than trolling, believe me :yesyes:  I wouldn´t talk abput it here when it´s just fun to me. It really bothers me.

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You can believe me, it´s still very hard for me to critizise anything abpout emma. She was my saint rolemodel for years.

Maby you know the adage about germans, that they really, really hate changes. They´d like to live in a world where nothing changes. Maybe this adage fits also to me :doh:

I know that people change. Opinions change. I do this all the time and this is not what i critizise emma about.

It´s just that the no longer sticks out between all the female stars on the red carpet. All are wearing the same. The more you reveal, the more storys are written and photos are made. Thats how most of them see this.

Yes, I think this is the point :0_0:  But slut sounds too hard for me. I still think emma is very down-to-earth and she´ll definitly not be like miley cyrus and other.

It was just nice to know that there is at least one star who you don´t know from teeth to toes, means nude.

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I had to laugh very hard, because two hours ago an article about emma came up. The magazin is from germany and serious.


If I try to translate it, it means:


" Emma Watson fights down her Good-Girl Image"

It says that Emma is one of the most serious Child Stars in the world who doesn´t want attention through Drug or Sex scandals.

But know she wants to get rid of this image.

It says that its a very great achievement to go through puberty in public without any scandals. But now she wants to catch this up.


To the Magazin Elle she said, that she broke into a hotel pool at 3 am.

To the sunday times she says, she doesn´t like perfect women, the imperfect are more interesting. When she finihes brown, she wants to give a huge party and will be very drunken.

At the end she says that she doesn´t like to date famous people and shes very sad when private details about her boyfriends come up.


For the german speaking people here:


I don´t expect anything when showing you this article, but maybe some people will see now, that emma herself is tired of her Image.

This is exactly the thing I meant.


And I must admit, I underestand her.

I think it must be really difficult to be forced to be brave and nice through your whole puberty. In one Interview Emma tells how difficult it was. She could never just paint her Nails or change her haircolour...

But I also think there are better ways to get rid of a good-girl image than showing your breats oder break into a hotel pool.

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Hey, just thought I'd pop in for a friendly [feminist] reminder:


  • Women can definitely be misogynistic toward other women, in fact it is incredibly common, and is what you are doing when you "slut shame" Emma for doing what she wants with her own body. 
  • People are complex. I once said I'd never do a lot of things, many of which I do now. It's not hypocritical to change your mind. Over the course of 14 years everyone will change their mind and do something they said they wouldn't do. That's called growing. And changing. In life, if you aren't constantly changing you're dead
  • Paparazzi taking photos up someone's dress is a crime. It's a form of sexual exploitation. Putting the blame on anyone but the person using the camera and selling the photos makes you a nasty human being.
  • People, excluding asexual people, are sexual beings. Everyone has the right to express their sexuality in a safe (and consensual... which, again, upskirt photos are not) way, and many people do this through clothing. It's not a crime to want to feel a bit sexy, especially in a photoshoot or at a premiere. Nearly every mature female-identified person I know has dressed up in a way that makes them feel confident and sexy, and sometimes it involves showing a little skin. 

Now you can say I'm white knighting for Emma all you want, but rest assured this is not the case. I'm probably the most critical and opinionated person I know. But these points apply to all people, particularly women. 


You say "Miley Cyrus and Lindsey Lohan also started as nice, innocent girls. And look what happend to them." Well, YES. They started as nice, innocent children and grew into complex women, as we all do. Posts like these really make me wonder what kind of bubbles people are living in. Take a look at the world. Emma isn't 10 years old anymore. I was 13 years old when the first Harry Potter film came out, a little girl in the 8th grade, and now I'm a full grown woman, I live in a different country, have a job, a sex life (gasp!), complex ideas and opinions AND SOMETIMES I wear a miniskirt and no bra! Shocking!


Take a look at YOUR life? Are you the same person you were five, ten or fifteen years ago? If you are, then I feel VERY sorry for you. :(

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I think it must be really difficult to be forced to be brave and nice through your whole puberty. In one Interview Emma tells how difficult it was. She could never just paint her Nails or change her haircolour...

But I also think there are better ways to get rid of a good-girl image than showing your breats oder break into a hotel pool.


And those ways are...?

I would have liked Emma Watson to be a lot of things, but she is just some and not others - by design, by accident, who knows. 

But it never fails to amaze me how some people can't keep from openly voicing their disappointment about how she does not live up to their standards.

What is it about role models that you need them so badly?

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Hey, thank you for your answer.


Believe me or not, I agree in every point! Really!


But the thing ist, that Emma repeats in almost every Interview how shy, introverted etc she ist. That she never wants to be a woman who attracts attention with sexiness or nudity.

I remember that so well because then I thought "wow! Finally a star who wants to attract attention through achievement and not just through her appearance".

And this is exactly the picture, Emma drew of her over all the years. She whispers the word "condom" in an Interview and on the other hand she wears a dress with a cleavage til her bellybutton and an open hem so that you see her knickers.


I don´t want to deny her her sexuality or her right to decide what to wear. I also hate paparazzi who do everything to get an upskirt photo. In my opinion this is abuse.


But all this makes no sense. I know that opinions can change. I do it also. Very often to be honest. But I would never tell the people that I´m shy and don´t want to appear sexy and on the other day I come around with nothing than a little piece of textile that shows more than it reveals.


Emma makes herself more and more non authentic.


I would never have a problem with her appearance when she would just openly say that she loves to dress sexy and to provide an attraction.


And I also said earlier this evening, that it is basically my own problem. Because I identified myself all the years with the shy, introverted Emma and now she acts so much against her own statements, it just hurts me as her loyal fan.





I think there are many ways to get rid of this image. Between showing your naked body and break into a hotel pool and the shy, introverted Hermione is so much room!


I can´t say that I´m directly disappointed because the can´t hold my standarts.

It´s because she tells the World that she is person X but acts like person Y.

I feel betrayed by her, that´s the point.

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She's an actor. In her every day life she is probably quite shy and introverted. But she has the ability to put herself in another mindset, as an actor. Modelling in photo shoots is the same as acting. Again, to use a personal example, I'm an extrovert but I also tend to enjoy a lot of introverted activities. When I am on my own I am quiet, shy and reserved. If you get me in a group of people I'm a lot more bubbly and outgoing. If I'm just going to be running errands I will wear jeans and a hoody, if I'm going out I will wear something nicer and more showy. 


Now, those examples are just ordinary people examples, and are things that Emma probably does as well. When you add in the fact that she literally plays pretend for a living, it's not that hard to push that to the next level and assume that it's easier for her to switch into the mindset of an actor and do what she needs to do. Even in her recent interview on Ellen, she said she was nervous to present an Oscar and Ellen said she couldn't tell, and Emma replied "well, I am an actress." 


I already know someone is going to jump in and say something along the lines of "if Emma is acting when wearing sexy clothes, maybe she is acting that she's really down-to-earth and normal," to which I basically have to say that the evidence that Emma is fairly "normal" is a lot stronger. She's a super famous multimillionaire, so it's not fair to assume she's "normal" like you and I, but given her circumstances she seems very approachable and honest (were I in her position I'm not sure I'd be similar... I'd probably be quite the diva!). Again, a recent example is the fact that she and her makeup artist blatantly post how much makeup and other products she's using. So many celebrities wear loads of makeup and pretend they don't (and that's FINE! I LOVE makeup, and I love people who wear makeup!), but Emma is often seen looking fairly "normal", sometimes a bit grumpy AND she is open about using things like fake lashes, 3 different kinds of foundation, etc. These are all things I can relate with, despite my lack of fame and fortune, and they seem genuine.

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On the point of sexiness : Not every low-cut and revealing dress worn ONCE on a red carpet is an expression of a newfound attitude. She is an actress, remember? And her job doesn't just end on the last day of shooting. "Slutty" clothing doesn't seem to be a regular part of her wardrobe.

On the point of betrayal : I felt betrayed when she didn't  - oh well never mind. Get over it.

On the point of talking like person X but acting like person Y : Sounds like the average woman to me :rolleyes:


I don't know what it's like to have your pic taken 24/7 and have every word you say recorded and played back to you at every turn by someone - but I imagine it would be quite the impossible job to stay true to everything you ever said. So maybe she just decided some years back that its futile anyway.

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We chose our role models. 


If you think that Emma Watson does not stand by her word and is failing or falling short as a role model... well... maybe it's time to find a new role model?  Or adjust your idea of what a role model is/should be? 


People are faulted.  All of my role models in life have had faults.  I have my own faults.  Thankfully, there is a lot more I admire about my role models than I take issue with.   Hopefully if anyone looks up to me they see me for who I am (not just look past my faults but recognize them) and decide that I'm still worth looking up to. 


Given the unique nature of humanity, we're all going to perceive Miss Watson differently.  We have our own unique morality and values.  Those develop and change over time for each and every one of us.  Emma Watson does not decide how she fits into your picture of morality.  Nor does dookdook, Nor does Johnny, Nor does Ling, Nor do I.  You're responsible for those decisions.   The answers you might seek about Emma Watson and how she behaves are likely not found in others, they're probably found in yourself.

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i do not use famous people/celebrities as role models, but if i did, Emma would certainly be top of the list. my role models are more personal, such as my Mom, several teachers from school, a long-time friend, and my former division Senior Chief , from my US Navy days. i tend to emulate people i actually know.

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Personally I don't have role models either. There are aspects of people that I admire and hope I come to embody, but on my own terms. People have to live their lives for themselves. Emma didn't sign up to be confined to a little box to reinforce your life choices or provide you with guidance. She's not Hillary Clinton, Mother Theresa or Marie Curie... she's an actor who has appeared in one lengthy film franchise and a handful of other good movies (not groundbreaking masterpieces of cinematic achievement, just good movies). There are obviously traits of Emma's that I think are great and something people should aspire to, but I don't think anyone's self worth should be tied up in a 23 year old woman whose life is NOT normal, who is just figuring things out like the rest of us, and who will likely never even know you exist. 


I don't think anyone's self worth should be tied up in other people, period.

Edited by ling
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