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Trent Reznor as Snape

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I don't remember if this has ever been discusses here but...


Do you think it was intentional that they made Snape look like Trent Reznor? I remember the first time I watched HP and the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone, I honestly thought it was Trent Reznor at first glance. It took me a few moments to realize it was Hans Gruber.

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No, not Rickman and Reznor. Snape and Reznor.


Do you guys not remember this when the first HP movie hit the screen? People were making jokes about them casting Trent Reznor in Harry Potter etc. It was a thing.

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Ok, adult Snape and Reznor, no, other than the long black hair. JKR didn't describe Snape much other than long greasy black hair.


I didn't get into HP until CoS came out so I missed all the beginning stuff. I immediately thought of Elliot Marston though when I saw Snape, that same sneering voice.

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