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Eight Twenty Eight is a book coming out on...you guessed it...08/28/14.  It's the story of a girl named Larissa that married a guy named Ian.


Ian had brain damage due to a car accident.  His girlfriend at the time continued the relationship and decided to marry him.  They've been married now for three years.


There is a video embedded on the publisher's website highlighting their wedding and some of the struggles they've faced...I'll put the link below.  (The video is also on youtube...but it seems like their links always change, so I just liked to the book's site).


It's worth watching!  Very inspirational.



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Eight Twenty Eight is christianaudio's free book of the month for the month of July.  If you want a free audio copy, you can download it this month for free at www.christianaudio.com.  They only thing the website will ask you for is an email.

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