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This topic is not for the faint of heart or those that are not legal to drink. Haha.  :doh:


So what's your favorite drink? Do you only drink at parties/clubs or do you enjoy drinking by yourself and relaxing? Do you know any delicious recipes that you'll like to share? 


For me, my favorite drink is Irish Car Bombers which is a mixture of Guiness beer, Baileys and Jameson (anyone feel free to correct me on the last one). I do enjoy drinking in my home while watching shows or reading a book (mostly for relaxation), but I mostly do the drinking at a house party. I can't think of any recipes to share, but I would love to hear yours.  :yesyes:

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If I drink gin, I use grape juice as chaser, for me it tastes better than any flavored juice drink. :P if I'm drinking Malibu (Caribbean rum with coconut flavor) I mixed it to orange juice with grenadine syrup. If I'm drinking beer (red horse beer or san Miguel beer), I just drink it but with lots of ice and I don't like the bubbles really. and my favorite is tanduay ice alcomix (flavored vodka). tastes better if its really really cold, you could also mix it with other alcomix like white to blue, blue to red or whichever you like. :P If I'm drinking Bailey's I like it with just 1 to 2 cubes of ice. uhh, what else? aha.



Sake, just drink it no ice. But I usually use it for cooking.





edit: I usually drink when its raining aha, alone or with some friends. But I often drink at night (some Filipino's drink on morning or afternoon) and with ktv.

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Good choice Chris.  


I love the smoothness of Johnny Walker Blue even thought I've only had the wallet for it on a few special occasions.  


It has to be chilled or in a glass that's chilled but I drink it straight.  You can't water down a good scotch whiskey.  That's just blasphemous.   


Can you use blasphemy and alcohol in the same sentence?  


There are many other great whisky brands that don't cost an arm and a leg that I frequent more often than JW Blue. 

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