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How come nobody talked about Five Guys yet ???? 


Best (veggie) burger ever, i promise, i never taster a burger sooo delicious. And they are so generous with the (excellent) fries ! Let's say in France you don't get as much food as you get in UK and USA. 


Here it's me and my boyfriend last week end having the best lunch of my life (for the second time this week end, it was soooo good we had to go there twice)  :excited:



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I like Five Guys. About three years age me and Julie (my wife) were in a Five Guys n Hampton, VA when we were on vacation. I started choking on a fry and a guy I didn't know got behind me to give me the heimlick...but I kinda threw it up before he started...at first I was embarrassed because everyone was looking at me. Then I thanked the guy for being ready to help...anyway, their food is really good (as long as you don't inhale it). :)

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