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What would you wear to...?

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Basically, just describe a scenario and post the outfit you'd wear.


Ex: What would you wear to go clubbing?





and etc.


Have fun!


I'll start.


What would you wear for a first date?



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^ i have never been to a rave, so i have no idea what to wear. I only know it thru internet. :P




(I'm not sure about this outfit, it's been past 30minutes that I've been looking for an outfit on the net. And the outfits that i saw drives me insane :mellow: that's the decent wear i could find, the one on the right. If i am underdressed I'll probably be going home :lol: ).




what would you wear to a farm?

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this top


this jeans




hair like this (would be better if it's dyed as dark red)



what would you wear to visiting someone on the hospital?

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