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I know this is an NFL forum and this clip is from a college game but what a great hit. The guy was out cold before he hit the ground. The flag was late and undeserved - it was a completely legal and clean hit, just a very violent hit. Guy went to the hospital but is gonna be OK. If they're gonna throw flags like this then they ought to just have 'em all wear skirts and have tickle fights.





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i was rather disappointed with the up/down 2012 season of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and disgusted by the front office not going all out to sign Mike Wallace before the season started. you don't mess around with the best speed receiver the Steelers have seen since the 1970s Swann and Stallworth. what were you thinking, tightwads?!!!! :mad: we barely finished 8-8 on some lucky plays. definitely forgetting this season.

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You're lucky Rules. 8-8 is a down season for you guys. I'm a Dallas fan and I have 8-8 (or worse) to look forward to until JJ decides to sell (won't happen) or dies. Not to be morose or anything. The problem is, JJ thinks he knows more than any coach and that's why he's surrounded by yes-men and why no good coaches will come to Dallas. Now there's rumors that they're gonn draft Landry Jones who has been called Romo 2.0 since his sophomore year in college. They kid has a million dollar arm but has a nickel head. Dallas is destined for 8-8 for the foreseeable future. **sigh**

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