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I totally forgot to tell you tha Dnamo Dresden throw BAYER LEVERKUSEN out of the cup! :ohyeah:

Yep, that was quite awesome.


what do you think whos going to win the bundesliga ?

That's always hard to tell in the Bundesliga. But that's what I love about the Bundesliga, anyone can win. But I'd say Dortmund won't win this season again.



WOOT WOOT the first victory for Hamburg! 2:1 against Stuttgart. Finally. :P

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The 49th Bundesliga season is over!

And I was wrong haha. Dortmund did win once again! For the second time in a row (8th title). They are also in the final of the DFB-Cup vs Bayern Munich (runners-up) next week. Dortmund played fantastic football once again and deserved this title.



Relegation playoffs: Berlin vs either Düsseldorf, Paderborn or St. Pauli (Hamburg).

Direct relegation: Kaiserslautern and Cologne.

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