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Never thought I would make another account

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It's been a good 5-6 years since I have been on these forums... just from browsing through the threads I can that there are a few other sentimental folks out there.


My name is Brent and I joined for the first time in 2005 with the username CatchMe1600. At some point, I decided to leave and stayed away for about a year. I came back in 2008 (username was IckyThump for awhile; then it was Yes) and stayed for another year or so and stopped posting altogether after that. 


It looks to me like this place is barely a shadow of what it used to be. Sometimes I miss the old days of posting on here and having side conversations on MSN late into the night... it was a fun time.


Anywho, here I am!

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Yeah, I'm not sure what made me start thinking about this place the other day. I was happy to see its at least still around and at least one of my old friends still posts here. I'm fine. I've been done with school for a couple of years now and working full time. I may go back to university to work on a Master's degree later this year though.


What about you? What's new?

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good to hear you already have a job! ^_^


As of me for now *clears throat* uhm, I didn't finished my psychology degree I shifted to IT so there now im finished. And currently working now as a customer care representative agent under T-Mobile, however I'm planning to resign and thinking if I'll shift to UPS or Microsoft account.


Still not married, currently single right now. And I'm planning to visit the US around June of this year so yeah :P


Anddddd, what else? *me thinks* uhm, I think I gained wait haha. Anyway, i really miss talking to you here and on msn with the others on a convo. I miss jarret too >.<

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