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People playing Quidditch

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Again, I don't know if anyone has posted this anywhere before, but evidently there are some organizations that have organized quidditch games (for muggles).


Here's a link to one article,




In real life, they are played with a soccer or volleyball...and the bludgers are actually dodgeballs...and the snitch is someone running around with a yellow ribbon that the chasers try and catch.  Catching the snitch is only worth 30 points, though...but it does end the game.


I guess there are quite a number of people that put together teams to play this...I saw it once advertised a year or two ago in the newspaper where they were playing some matches at Dan Daniel Park in Danville, VA...which is only about 45 minutes from me.  I believe I had some work stuff to do on the particular day, so I couldn't get away...but I like to skate at Dan Daniel park anyway, so had I been able to, I would have definitely went and checked it out.  It seems pretty fun.


Just like colleges put together club paintball teams and such...it looks like some have put together teams for this.


Has anyone ever been to one of these?  

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